Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ChurpOut 2012 @ Publika

#ChurpOut2012 was FUN FUN FUN !

Name : Churp Out 2012
Time : 11 am - 10 pm, 13 October 2012
Location : Publika Boulevard & Square

If you didnt make it to the #ChurpOut2012, then I am sure you are missing tonnes of fun !

My #ChurpOut Fun Circuit Stamp with Elywn finger !

I arrived there quite early as I have to go for class later on in the afternoon, then to Nike Run and blah blah blah. It was really quite a busy day for me. >~< 

Anyways, I didnt regret for going to #ChurpOut2012, the only thing I regret is that I didnt stay longer for the other games !!!! All of it were like Fun Fair games but the only thing different is that every games there was FREEEEEE !!! =( 

Daniel with the High Striker.
Even tho it was drizzling, I took every minutes of mine to visit all the mini games at there, like the High Striker, which Daniel scored with only a few attempt ! BRAVO !!

High Striker.
Well, I am still trying and trying to hit the bell and score a stamp ! But I dont see myself anywhere near there... HAHAHA

Electric Maze.
Electric Maze
I scored the Electric Maze with only one try ! ahahaha

Initially I thought it was easy-peasy piece of game, but when you grab hold of the quite heavy stick and have to follow the narrow and curvy maze, WITHOUT TOUCHING IT !

I can say it definitely needs Patience and Time to score it, well I rule it ! hahaha

Delectable Churp2 Cookies.
I had a great time at #ChurpOut2012 tho it was only 1 hour plus staying at there. 
Looking forward for the next #ChurpOut ! ~ ciao
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