Sunday, October 7, 2012

9 - Healthy Bites @ The Salad Bar, Damansara Uptown

The only spot that you can eat and eat without any guilt for your diet plan, because everything is healthier and greener at ...
The Salad Bar !

The Salad Bar.
The Salad Bar, Damansara Uptown
+603-7722 1742
No. 41, Jalan SS21/60,
Damansara Utama, Selangor 44100 
9am - 9pm (Monday - Saturday)
9am - 6pm (Sunday)
Once you step into the cafe, the smell of green vegetable fill your nostril and colorful fruits to please your eyes, what else you can ask for when you are going on a diet!
Yum Yum ! All the guilt free food !!!

Assorted vegetable and fruits to make your own salad.

If the Ala Carte Salad is not good enough for you, you would even 


You may choose 2 greens, 3 toppings (boiled egg, carrots, olive, sweet corn and etc) and of course 1 dressing for it.

I had the salad with the honey mustard dressing, which I dont remember what the name of it. * >.< *

So I shall call it the Honey Mustard Salad then. 

Honey Mustard Salad.
The salad comes with pinch size of greens, slices of hotdog, sprinkle of corn flakes, pitted prunes, half of a boiled egg and also a slice of garlic bread.

I personally like the garlic bread much, cause it really felt like garlic bread with the garlic aftertaste in your mouth, unlike the others that smell garlicky but doesnt taste garlicky. * Hahaha Big Fan of Garlic and Onion * The honey mustard dressing was a little bit bland, more honey and mustard could be added in to enhance the flavour of it. Overall the salad was very flavoursome and nutritious too !

Honey Mustard Salad.
Next guilt free food in line to be chomped is the 

Turkey Club Sandwich.

Turkey Club Sandwich.
Turkey Club Sandwich is the slice of turkey ham tucked in the wholemeal bread with the chef`s special sauce. Nom nom ... 

The combination of turkey ham sandwich with the chef`s special sauce has a very piquant taste that is very appetizing for a hungry people like me ! Even the sandwich has a very garlicky taste too ! * Hahah *

Turkey Club Sandwich.
The Spicy Chicken Pasta was definitely not my favourite.

Spicy Chicken Pasta.
Actually we ordered the Spicy Aglio Olio pasta but the cashier keyed in wrongly, so we ended up with the Spicy Chicken Pasta. * haish *

The pasta was very spicy and hot for me, and the pasta felt pretty much like the Braised Yee Mee, thats all I can say about this dish ! HahHA. So a big no no for this !

Spicy Chicken Pasta.
The name of the drink was very attractive and unique indeed like purple glitter, banana hunny, grape pines, cholestrol buster, green monster and etc. All are in the price range of Boost and JuiceWorks.

Purple Glitter Smoothie.
I had this Purple Glitter Smoothie that improves digestion and lowers blood pressure. It was made up of fresh dragonfruit, lemon and homemade yogurt. Apparently their homemade yogurt was quite popular but too bad we are in a hurry so dont get to try it out. To be honest, the smoothie was not up to the standard of Boost nor Juicework, as it was quite insipid. It was not bad actually, but I still prefer to have it thicker.

The place was very cozy and looking clean with the bright and cheerful combination of color for their wallpaper. They have their wall embellished with spoon and fork looking mirror which was very creative and out of ordinary.
Ambiance : The place looks very simple, but the green and orange wall embellishment does give it a very healthy and fresh impression to dine at.
Service : Staff was not so cordial, they doesnt seem happy and welcoming while serving the customer.
Price : Price there is quite cheap indeed, cause the portion was definitely not a one person portion.
Presentation : Everything there looks very green and fresh, and of course healthy too. The food is not only healthy and colorful enough to feast the eye.
Taste : Tho the food there was very garlicky, yet it was flavoursome and hearty with the combination of all the fruits and vegetable
P.S. Shall come back for the yogurt in the next round.
Who to blame ?
Finger will point all over and ended up with an iteration.