Tuesday, October 16, 2012

13 - Fine Dining @ Pastis Cafe & Dining, Garden

I am sure if you are a person who likes to hang out at Mid Valley or Garden, you would be aware of the existent of this exclusive looking restaurant, located right beside the escalator coming out from the carpark.

Well, I would always be engrossed by the chocolates, macarons and scones laying on the display and literally stop and stare for a second or two. Hahaha * definitely have a sweet tongue *

But I never dare to step into the place due to the expensive looking embellishment and so on. As for today, I  walking tall into the restaurant with a voucher that cost ONLY RM 20 per person, for a full course meal with bottomless juices. * super duper excited *

Pastis Cafe & Dining.
Pastis Cafe & Dining.
Pastis Cafe & Dining
(tel) +603-2288 1559
G235 Ground Floor,
The Garden Mid Valley,
59200 Kuala Lumpur
10 am - 10 pm (daily)
The first thing we do, when were given the menu was to check the food pricing, and to my surprise it wasnt that dramatic after all. It was in the range of standard restaurant which is RM 20 - 40 for the main course.

Anyways, the voucher comes with a bowl of soup, main course (lamb shank or dory fish or chicken), dessert and bottomless juices.

Vegetable soup.
I am not so sure what ingredient in the soup but all I know is that it was AWESOME !

It was neither too thick nor too bland, the vegetable was all blend very well together and it flows smoothly right into your throat without leaving anything behind. And it has the refreshing tomatoes flavour but not too strong making it too sour to drink and also having the other vegetables to complement the flavour, putting together a flavoursome yet refreshing appetizer.

Lamb Shank on bed of potatoes.
Since RM 20 voucher comes with the option of getting Lamb Shank, why not ?

I can tell you the Lamb Shank is a very huge portion of lamb laying on a bed of potatoes.

Lamb Shank on bed of potatoes.
The Lamb Shank was cooked to perfection with tender and juicy meat, that is just nice to be eaten with the potatoes and gravy. One thing happy and fulfilling was to know that the Lamb Shank was very fleshy, aint any Lamb Shank that has 80% fats and only 20% eatable meat.

Other than being mouth-watering, the presentation of it was very delicate and clean to feast the eye.

Honey Grilled Chicken with butter rice.
The Honey Grilled Chicken with butter rice comes with a big piece of chicken thigh, rectangular scoop of rice, and some vegetable to add color to the dish.

Honey Grilled Chicken with butter rice.
I am not a big fan of eating chicken with bones, but I am amazed by myself that I finished everything on the chicken. The chicken was very nicely grilled  into a stage that the meat are still soft and juicy, blanketed by the crispy skin from the outside, trapping the honey flavoured meat inside without losing the sweetness in it.  
* Thumbs Up  GOOD !! *

As for the butter rice, it has to be eaten with the chicken and also the chili sauce provided else it would be quite dry and bland.

Doggy Bag French Fries.
We ordered the French Fries simply because it comes with variety of dip. * HAHAH *

And I was craving for THICK FAT FRENCH FRIES too !

Variety of sauces to dip.
The dip includes tartar sauce, ketchup and the green one was wasabi blend with mayonnaise. It was a pretty interesting combination that giving a smoother kick in the throat, compare to the usual wasabi.

Sagu Coconut dessert.
The free dessert that comes with the voucher wasnt that great. It was literally a big lump of sago soaked in coconut milk and a dallop of whipped cream on top. I only had two bite and that`s all.

Molten Lava Cake with Ice Cream.
Since the dessert wasnt appealing nor yummy enough, we ordered the Molten Lava Cake which was recommended by quite a lot of blogger in their review.

Molten Lava Cake with Ice Cream.
The Molten Lava Cake was superb with all the chocolate lava flowing out of it once you cut it. The chocolate flowing out of it was neither too bittersweet nor thick, it was very smooth flowing down your throat with the cottony and soft texture of the cake. 

Petite Millie (blogpost here) still have my favourite vanila ice-cream which was so light and soft, that never fail to complement the dessert coming along with it.

The place looks very fancy and all but one thing I was shocked to know is that the white table cloth was actually a white piece of paper. I was like " Seriously ? ", such a fancy place yet they couldnt put actual table cloth but a piece of white paper as table cloth ?

Other than the table cloth, it has a very quiet and private dining environment, as it was located right at the corner which not much people passing by. So if you want some candle light dinner, here would be a suitable choice. Everything was very clean and tidy, near to perfection.

One thing that quite disappointing is to know that the service crew was literally throwing the voucher`s food (appetizer, main course and dessert) to us, without even considering we have finished the one before or not. They would be serving the main course before we even could finish the soup, same goes to the dessert, it felt pretty much like " Shoo Shoo, finish your food and leave now." It`s not only happening to us, it was to everyone whom enter with a voucher in hand. * wtH *

Their service was pretty bad for the food that comes with the voucher but for the ones that we ordered like French Fries and Molten Lava Cake, they were polite enough to ask when to serve it and all. 

Well I personally feel the service should be standardized regardless of a person coming in with voucher or not cause if the first impression was not good, how would the customer be dining in again next time.

(0 - Poor, 10 - Perfect)
Ambiance : 7 / 10
Service : 5 / 10
Presentation : 8 / 10
Taste : 7 / 10

(Cheap / Average / Affordable / Pricey / Not worth the penny)
Price : Affordable

I knew you would be willing to be conned