Thursday, October 25, 2012

13 - Dinner @ Aria Traditional Italian Dining, Bukit Damansara

We were watching a foodie programme at 8tv earlier that day, and the way he described the food here was dramatically delicious, so we have no hesitation once there was 50% off cash voucher at Groupon to dine at Aria. 

So here we are, right in front of Aria the Traditional Italian Dining.

Aria Traditional Italian Dining.

Aria Traditional Italian Dining.
Aria Traditional Italian Dining
(tel) +603-2095 0016
Location : 44G Plaza Damansara,
Jalan Medan Setia 2,
50490 Bukit Damansara, KL
12 pm - 12 am (Monday - Friday),
5pm - Late (Saturday)

Hidden in the heart of Bukit Damansara is a treasure trove with the true flavours of Italy, served with a tinge of local essence – Aria Restaurant. The cosy neighbourhood restaurant offers a warm and intimate setting for delighting in good food with family or friends. (extracted from Aria webpage)

Once we entered, we were served with a basket of breads with olive oil, just like the ones in Italiannes. * but their olive dip literally have small pieces of olive in it *

Basket of Breads.
Then followed by the appetizer that we ordered which is the Bruschetta.

Antipasto : Mixed Bruschetta.
It comes with 3 pairs of different Bruschetta which includes, a Sauteed Mushroom Bruschetta, Sour Tomatoes Bruschetta and Smoked Salmon Cheese Bruschetta.

 This dish is just nice for two person portion, and each of you get to try one piece of it. I personally like all of it, cause it was flavoursome and all of it comes in just nice, not too strong nor too much to turn you off for your main course. The sauteed mushroom has a little bit creamy texture that gave you a feeling like having a bowl of mushroom campbell soup but this time with tonnes of mushroom on the bread. As for the tomatoes bruschetta, it carries a sourish taste from the tomatoes and something else, I think they have sprinkle some citrus juice or what enhancing the sourish feeling to it, cause it aint the ordinary tomatoes sourish taste. Smoked Salmon was near to perfection, as the salmon was sort of overcooked, but still nice to be chomped.

Main Course : 4 Flavour Pizza.
Next in line was the 4 flavour Pizza that consist of the peperoni pizza, mushroom pizza, chicken and ham pizza, and the vegetable pizza. 

Main Course : 4 Flavour Pizza.
The pizza was very Italian type of pizza which was super duper thin crust, which I find it too thin, making it felt like I was having biscuit instead. In overall, the pizza was quite bland in term of the flavouring of it, everything entering my mouth was very light till the stage I sense nothing, tho I know I am stuffing the whole slice of pizza to my mouth. The tomatoes sauce for the base of the pizza was seriously insipid, which I believe there would be room for improvement.

Main Course : Aglio Olio Mushroom Spaghetti.
Well if you were about to dine like an Italian, ordering their pasta is a MUST, thus we had the  
Aglio Olio Mushroom Spaghetti. 
Main Course : Aglio Olio Mushroom Spaghetti.

After the bland pizza, the Aglio Olio Spaghetti does impressed me a little. I have always been a big fan of Aglio Olio Spaghetti and I would say this is actually not bad, quite delish indeed. The mushroom was sauteed near to perfection, and all the garlic and spices are just nice to complement the whole dish, making it full of flavour.

Drinks : Honeydew Juice.
The honeydew juice was literally fresh honeydew with no artificial flavouring like the ones in other places. You can taste the fresh and cooling honeydew fruit flowing into your throat, leaving no aftertaste in your mouth as tho you are eating the fruits itself.

First Floor Dining Area.
There are two floors in the restaurant which you can choose according to your preference.

Second Floor Dining Area.
The place has a very snazzy and elegant dining ambiance with all the kinky and dim lighting surrounding the place. And on top of that, all the drawing on the wall was very classy like the Audrey Hepburn type of black and white era. I never been to Italy, but somehow the place doesnt give out a Italian dining vibe like the ones in Italiannes, it was more like a candle light dinner and sleeky restaurant.

Private Dining Area.

I find the distance between each tables were quite near, giving me a suffocated feeling in it. But if you are looking for a more private and personal dining area, they have a special room to feed your need. 

Something I am not sure about the restaurant, but one thing I am sure is that I am feeling uneasy dining at the restaurant. Maybe I wasnt use to the idea of dining at some expensive and exclusive looking restaurant, cause everyone comes in with a very loaded vibe. HAHA It doesnt give me a impression of everything has slowed down, making it calm and peaceful, simply because I am guessing that the service crew`s steps were so loud and he was rushing here and there to attend to the customer, so everything was like in a rush. 

It was quite a classy and private place to dine at despite of my cuckoo feeling of uneasiness. * >~< *
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