Tuesday, October 9, 2012

11 - Botanical High Tea Set @ Botanical aka Bistro 42, Bangsar Village 2

Today I am here at the Botanical, formerly known as Bistro 42 or T42, pampering myself with the afternoon tea set with my peeps.

Actually we are taking advantage of our friend’s birthday celebration to try out the tea set from Botanical, since he wanted to dine like an Englishmen. HahaHAHA

Botanical +603 - 2201 3028
1F-28 & 1F-K2,
First Floor, Bangsar Village 2,
No.1 Jalan Telawi Satu, Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
11am - 10pm (daily)
Their desserts were all daintily lying on the window display, luring any passer-by on the mall to lay their teeth on them. * NOM NOM … haha *  

Delicate desserts.

Without even checking what they have on the menu, we headed right for 2 set of  the Botanical High Tea Set since we have 5 person all together.

Botanical High Tea Set is served from 3pm – 6pm only.

It comes with Savouries like Cucumber & Cream Cheese Finger Sandwich, Cheese & Branston Sandwich,  Mushroom Bruschetta, Egg Mayo Sandwich on Baby Cuboid Loaf, and Mini Pumpkin & Ricotta Quiche.

As for the Sweets, there were Freshly Baked Scones with Pure Cream & Berry Preserves,  Baby Raspberry Jam Doughnuts,  Macarons, Medeleines, Marshmallows, and your choice of dessert from the display.

There are a range of tea for selection or coffee to serve with the High Tea Set.

We tried the Herb Tea by the name of Relax. It had a astringent taste like it was some tangerine tea or some sort, but as you take the second sip, it was pretty refreshing after all. 

The other exquisite tea we tried was Turkish Apple Tea. This cup of tea carries a very sourish taste, and it kicks in like a wake up sour lemon shot when it enters your mouth. A pretty exquisite tea that you could give it a try. * wink wink =D *

The Cheese & Branston Sandwich has a pretty piquant taste that is quite new to me, with the Branston pickled lying in between the cheese and bread, creating a very strong aftertaste after chomping it down. As for the Mushroom Bruschetta, it was our favourite because the blanket of mushroom on the bread was not too salty nor too raw with the wild mushroom taste. All the spices come in just nice making it very flavoursome. * Yum Yum *

Lets move on to the 3 tier sweets. 

3 tier sweets.
Marshmallow and Decadent Macarons !
The Marshmallows are all flavoured, and you can choose from the display at the window else they will just select it randomly for you. 

A person that likes green, like me would definitely put my hand on the greenish looking marshmallow that savour like green tea, and the green marshmallow has a very soft and cottony texture that melt right into your mouth. 

As for macarons, it was a little bit sweet but full of flavour ! Nom NOm NOM

Decadent Macarons await !
The last tier on the bottom has all the starchy savouries including the Scones, Mini Pumpkin & Ricotta Quiche and a surprising 4 Medeleines resting on it too.


The Scone with the Pure Cream and Berry Preserved, and the Mini Pumpkin & Ricotta Quiche were very fancy and delish. The only thing that disappoints me was the Medeleines that felt pretty much like the "Bahulu" we get from the supermarket.

Scones !

Everything was artsy-fartsy till the part the Medeleines and Baby Raspberry Jam Doughnut felt like the ones you can get from bazaar Ramadhan.

The doughnuts literally tasted like doughnut which I dont like it at all. * aint a big fan of doughnut *

Baby Raspberry Jam Doughnut.
The two slices of cake we ordered that comes along with the High Tea Set were Butter Hazelnut Cake and Double Chocolate Cake.

Butter Hazelnut Cake.
All the hazelnut laying on the cream that blanket the cake making the butter cake very moist and bringing a teeny weeny taste of sweetness into the buttery cake. Pairing each bite of the cake with a hazelnut and cream, was like heavenly taste senses dancing on your tongue, making you wanting for more.

Double Chocolate Cake.
The deep dark double chocolate cake was just nice in term of sweetness level and the bittersweet pool chocolate melt pairing with the moist chocolate cake was a divine combination for chocolate lover like me. Honestly this was my favourite chocolate cake cause the chocolate bitter didnt overtake the sweetness of it, both of the flavour complementing each other very well, adding on with the chocolate melt, it was splendid !

Botanical has a very calm and peaceful environment due to the dim and yellowish lighting at the place, putting the hustle bustle life of the city far far away from your mind. Everything literally felt as tho it has slowed down just to match your pace.

They have greenery color used as their theme for embellishment. All the plates with variety of designs painted in green are hanging on the wall beautifying the plain and black wall. On top of that, the combination of the sizes and design on the plate, assemble a very pretty piece of artwork on the wall too.

Ambiance : The place was very calm and peaceful environment for you to enjoy your cup of tea, leaving the city life all behind.
Service : It was quite slow at some time, they were taking ages to serve us our tea. But in short, the service crews were very friendly and attentive.
Price : High Tea Set was considerably affordable comparing to the others exclusive tea places.
Presentation : The food presentation was very delicate and presentable to even feast the eyes.
Taste : In the whole, the food was very flavoursome, except the Medeleines and Doughnut that was quite like the typical ones you get in supermarket.
Birthday Boy and his gf.
Here is the birthday boy with the special appearance of his girlfriend arranged by us. Coincidentally, both of them were also Oct babies, so we bought two cakes for them. * ahaha *

Le Birthday Cake for the two Oct Babies.
P.S. Counting down.
Happy Birthday, baby