Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tea & Mooncake Dining @ Purple Cane Tea Square, Shaw Parade

I am pleased to be invited by OpenRice to their Makan Ventures of the month which is

Tea & Mooncake Dining

Purple Cane Tea Square.

Purple Cane Tea Square
(tel) +603-21453090
Shaw Parade
Lot GL-02, Ground Floor, Shaw Parade,
Changkat Thambi Dolla,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Purple Cane Tea Square Door Gifts

Every participants were given some cash voucher to dine at Purple Cane Tea Square and also two tiny little mooncake.

Purple Cane Tea.


While waiting for the arrival of the other guests, we were served with healthy snacks and tea. :)

Mooncake Making in Progress #1.

Mooncake sifu is rolling the mooncake skin as thin as possible to wrap the filling of it.

Mooncake Making in Progress #2.

Mooncake Making in Progress #3.

Mooncake Making in Progress #4.

We were given a chance to see the making of mooncake performed by the sifu from Purple Cane Tea Square. He literally shown us from Step 1 to the formation of the actual edible mooncake and a few of us had some hands on experience in making it too !!

Tea Making Session.

Crystal Clear Tea.

Other than the mooncake making session, we were taught on the tips and tricks to make tea so that the aroma of the tea doesnt washed out by the hot water.
Apparently, there were different temperature in making different types of tea, like for my favourite Green Tea, a lower temperature water should be used so that it doenst wash out the taste of the refreshing green tea flavouring in the tea.

Flower Scented Tea Set.

Flower Scented Tea in making.

Flower Scented Tea.

Now instead of drinking wain for your candle light dinner, perhaps you can have this classy and snazzy flower scented looking tea which is much more healthier and exquisite too ! * hahahaha *

Purple Cane Mooncakes.

Purple Cane Mooncakes -Pandan Lotus Paste.

The typical mooncake that every household must have on Mooncake Festival, but this time it has Green Tea skin wrapping over it.

Purple Cane Mooncakes - Black Sesame Lotus Paste.

The Black Sesame Lotus Paste has a very strong black sesame aftertaste in your mouth. I feel pretty much like I have taken a bowl of Black Sesame Soup ! * Lolx *

Purple Cane Mooncakes - Green Tea Lotus Paste.

Purple Cane Mooncakes - Rose Tea Bamboo Charcoal Lotus Paste.

The distinctive smell of rose rush into your nostril before you chomping it down, which makes you feel like you have literally eaten the physical rose flower !

Purple Cane Mooncakes - Red Bean Paste.

Red Bean Paste mooncake has red bean paste in the middle of the mooncake replacing the egg yolk in it. It was quite a creative way of making mooncake.

Purple Cane Mooncakes - Puer Tea Lotus Paste.

Puer Tea Lotus Paste mooncake literally taste a little bit sweet, I am not sure whether Puer Tea suppose to taste a bit sweet but this mooncake combination does add a teeny-weeny amount of sweetness to your taste bud. Indeed, I like it !!

Purple Cane Mooncakes.

Purple Cane Tea Square.

The embellishment of the place looks very calm and laid-back, creating a very dally tea drinking mood, so you can really taste all the flavouring in each sip of tea you take. I personally like the lantern hanging on top, feeling so much like the old-school lantern I used to played when I was young. ♥
Ambiance : Very serene and peaceful place that literally makes you feel the clock stop ticking for you to enjoy your cup of tea with a slice of mooncake.
Price : Price of the mooncake and tea were quite standard comparing to others.
Presentation : The design of mooncake are very fancy and colorful, that is presentable to feast the eye and your stomach. On top of that, the packaging of it has a pastel color theme, giving a peaceful and happy festive celebration.
Taste :
Mooncakes taste quite refreshing as tea has been used as part of the ingredient in making it. It was neither too sweet nor bitter, the combination of tea and the paste compliment each other very well.

My Blank Tank Dress that top it with Lacy Jacket and a pair of Black Oxford Pump.


P.S. Thanks for your companion tho it was quite last minute. ♥ Smooches

Everything will be fine as long as I trust you