Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pierre Ledent #bloggermob @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

I am glad to be invited by Eunice to the #bloggermob at Pierre Ledent in BSC.

Pierre Ledent Maitre Chocolatier.

Pierre Ledent Maitre Chocolatier
Date : 1 Sept 2012
Time : 3 pm - 4:30 pm

Location : Jason Food Hall, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Pierre Ledent was born in Belgium in 1971. Talented as he was this Master Chocolate Creator won the gold medal in Tokyo in 1994 at the prestigious "International Contest for Young Confectioners, Ice cream and Chocolate Makers". As of then, he does not stop looking for new combinations for the only purpose to impress you and titillate your senses.

Pierre Ledent chocolate ready to be chomped.

Pierre Ledent chocolates are all ready for us to gobble it all down !! * cant wait *

CHEVALIER - Caramel + praline nuts.

This piece of chocolate has the "just nice" sweet caramel filling with the white chocolate on the upper part and dark on the lower part. On top of the lovely design, the chocolate has teeny-weeny of nuts mixed with it, creating a bit of nutty texture to enhance the flavouring of it.

SUZY - Praline nuts-pistachios.

SUZY - Praline nuts-pistachios.

This piece of chocolate is my favourite of all, cause it was blanket by chunks of Pistachios and I am a huge fan of nutty chocolates !! Not only it was blanket with Pistachios, the filling was all Pistachios and chocolate, that would literally melt in your mouth once you put it in, creating a sapid taste.

STAR - Praline almonds.

For his surprising recipes Pierre Ledent uses only chocolates with a verified origin and containing at least 70% cocoa. All ingredients used in the confectioning of the pralines are rigorously selected and are of outstanding quality.
So do have a try of it, if you ever drop by at Bangsar Shopping Centre. Well I DO want to try their elusive and assorted macaroons. Unfortunately we dont get sink our teeth into the macaroons as today is ALL ABOUT CHOCOLATEss !!

Macaroons living the life of a jewelery.

Apricot Macaroons.

Hamburger macaroons.

Mr Indra elucidates to blogger on Pierre Ledent`s chocolates.

My goodies bag with Pierre Ledent chocolate.

As a treasure is well taken care of or offered to someone, the exclusive design of the packaging from Pierre Ledent has been turned into a luxury jewel box. The boxes can be adapted according to your wish or your irresistible desire for extraordinary sweets into a jewel box from 1, 2 or 3 layers containing from 1 to 60 pralines.
Yes indeed, the box for the chocolate looks much more exclusive than the chocolate itself. Hahaha
Pierre Ledent Maitre Chocolatier
Jason Food Hall,
Lot G1, Ground Floor
Bangsar Shopping Centre

Presentation : Chocolates look delicate and exclusive displaying on the display box, living the life of a jewelery.
Taste :
It was just nice not too sweet nor bitter, giving a sense of euphoria after chomping it down. There aint any aftertaste remaining in your mouth after eating each bite of the chocolates, its so clean that it melt right into your throat.

Once again annoyance hits