Friday, September 7, 2012

My Fashion and Beauty Inspiration

We GIRLS always want to be looking HAWT and GORGEOUS 24/7, especially in front of the love ones.

Going out on date is INTERESTING but when it comes to deciding on WHAT TO WEAR, it total UNINTERESTING !!!

We can stand in front of the cupboard for HOURS and HOURS yet have no idea what to put on.

But now that I have a fashion & beauty idol to STALK, dressing up for dates become EASY-PEASY !!

She is..... perhaps its a he instead..

Mr Google aka Mr Know It All !

Mr Google always have gathered the up to date fashion and beauty tips for me, making everything is just a click away.

Mr Know It All.

He just have time-to-time pictures of different way of dressing up for an occasion varying from

Red Carpet - Cocktail Dress

Laura Ashley Style - Day Dress

Casual Day Out - Simple and Easy Outfit

or even a Harajuku Style !!

As for Beauty Tips, Mr Google still knows the best !!

He gives me tonnes of links in becoming more beautiful, all the beauty tips that would transform you to look like a celebrity are all in just one site !!

On top of that, when you are reading the articles, there are links in between each paragraph pointing to another beauty tips that might comes in handy but it never came across your mind !!

What else better than our very own MR GOOGLE !!


Here is an inspired floral skirt and a tank top from a picture of Vanessa Hudgens from Mr GOOGLE !! xD

There was once people said
"If you dont know, just GOOGLE."

And they are SO DARN RIGHT !!!

P.S. Nuffnang having their very own FashionFabulous group, are you up for it ?
I realize it doesnt really matter going or not
Knowing you are on your tip top is what it matters