Friday, September 14, 2012

Japanese BBQ Ala-Carte Buffet @ Daidomon, Great Eastern Mall

It was great to spend a little time with your friends especially having a buffet together cause you can chat and chat all the day and there will still be food throughout the meal !!

So here we are at the Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant.

Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant.

Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant
+603 4252 8155
Great Eastern Mall,
303 Jalan Ampang,
50450 Ampang, KL.
10am- 10pm (Sunday - Saturday)
First of all, sorry for the bad quality photos cause it was all taken with my phone. * :( *

Daidomon is an ala-carte Japanese BBQ Buffet which means you can place unlimited orders on food on the menu. But I am surprised to know that we can only order once for some of the dishes, and I literally felt cheated dining at here. * wtH *



I didnt try the Sashimi cause I used to have diarrhea eating too much Sashimi and it got me traumatized till now. So BIG NONO !!

However, my friend said that the Sashimi was quite fresh, maybe you can give it a try. HAhAHA


Hereby is the Scallop that we can only order once, in an ala-carte Buffet !! How ironic it is ?!

Seasoned Beef Slice.

The Beef was my favourite of all the dishes, cause it was so tender and juicy after barbecuing it, I guess because it was cut into very thin slices. Usually the beef would be very hard and all but this was different.

Chicken Cutlet and Chicken Wings.

Variety of Hotdogs.

Other than ordering food from the menu, they have some appetizer and fried stuff prepared for diner.

Japanese Salad Bar.

Tho I am a huge fan of Edamame but I dont like the one they have it here. First, it was quite bland, due to the insufficient of salt and second of all, it tasted like it has been there for ages, NOT FRESH AT ALL.

Sushi Section.

Deep Fried Corner.

The restaurant has a very authentic Japanese ambiance with all the wooden partition and wall surrounding us. Besides, they have the lanterns hanging on top with the dim yellow light shimmering the whole restaurant.

Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant.

There are partition between each room, creating a more personal dining experience.

Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant.

Ambiance : The place does give a very Japanese mood with all the wooden looking wall and all the sake are placed as decoration on the shelf.
Service :
Service crews arent friendly and helpful at all, they were like so disgruntled all the time and they have difficulties in explaining the items on the menu when I was asking.
Price :
Food and service doesnt worth the penny you spent.
Presentation : Food presentation was quite normal and standard, no big fuss with it.
Taste :
Terrible, I have to say the simple Edamame has already irritated me cause it was very bland, not salty enough and taste one kind, even Sushi King serves better Edamame.
Here is the lovely ladies that I dine with.

Dining with the lovely ladies.

Erra & I.



P.S. I am so not coming back here. =S
I love the way you swing