Sunday, September 9, 2012

Japanese Ala-Carte Buffet @ Munakata, KL Life Centre

This foodie blog post should be much much earlier, but I guess last time I was just too lazy to blog, but fret not cause now I am all hyped up to blog and blog about fooooood....

The dinner at this place was an appreciation dinner from the hard work we have done for the club, sort of like a way of saying thank you to us since we are graduating and leaving the club.

Okay in short, we decided to pamper our stomach with some delicate and yummiehhh Japanese food and we all ended up at here....

Munakata Japanese Restaurant.

Munakata Japanese Restaurant
(tel) +603-21667441
Mezzanine Floor, Life Centre,
No. 20, Jalan Sultain Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur 50250, Kuala Lumpur
12pm - 3pm, 6:30pm - 11pm (Monday - Saturday)
Closed for lunch on Public Holiday and Sunday Closed
RM 70 ++ (Adult), RM 45 (Children below 10 yrs old)

Lets dig in to the one sided menu for buffet !!

Munakata Japanese Restaurant Menu.

Munakata Japanese Restaurant.

Unagi Tamago.

Unagi Tamago was indeed a very interesting choice of combination as the sweetness of the Tamago combining with the self sweetness of Unagi, its subtle and sapid. Its like you get the fresh sweetness from the unagi and the artificial saccharine sweetness from the tamago, mixing inside your mouth as you eat it.

Tori Tsukune Yaki.


Japanese Beef Steak.

I didnt know Japanese makes good and tender Beef Steak too !! * hahahah * The beef was very succulent, and it was cooked just nice, making it soft and juicy to consume.

Salmon Sashimi.

Salmon Nigiri Sushi.

Salmon Nigiri Sushi was as fresh as it was just caught from the sea !!


Tempura Moriawase.

Furai Moriawase.

The deep fried stuff was quite bland, like normal standard ones you can get from other sushi restaurant, so no big fuss about it.

Munakata Japanese Restaurant.

Ambiance : The Japanese Restaurant was quite noisy all the while, maybe it was because there was a bar upstairs and the noise separation system wasnt done very well.
Service :
It wasnt a pleasant experience dining there, cause the food took like ages to arrive and the staff wasnt attentive at all.
Price :
The price for ala carte buffet is quite standard but I personally wouldnt be going back there for dining, if I have to pay such amount for the bad service.
Presentation :
Food presentation was pleasant and clean.
Taste :
Most of the food was quite delish, up to my expectation of a Japanese Restaurant.
After stuffing our stomach with all the yummieh food, we headed to KLCC to take night view of the significant building in Malaysia. All my pictures were taken with my iPod with double exposure, so bare with the quality. * I am a huge fan of double exposure picture !! xD *

KLCC Lomo shot #1.

KLCC Lomo shot #2.

P.S. Hopefully I can make to the Nuffnang Shutterbug group with this photo. * finger crossed *
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