Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hotel Transylvania 2012 @ e-Curve

A whimsical and literally LMAO monstrous animation of the month has arrived at the cinema !

I bet you would be LOL throughout the movie as I am, and I am glad that I get to watch it first hand, all thanks to Nuffnang for the exclusive movie passes ! *hahahahaha *


Hotel Transylvania (2012).

Title : Hotel Transylvania
Language : English
Duration : 91 mins
Genre : Animation / Comedy 
Director : Genndy Tartokovsky
Cast : Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez and Andy Samberg

Hotel Transylvania is a hotel that is specially dedicated for monster from all over the place to chill out and get away from human. The owner of the hotel, Mr Dracula has a daughter, Mavis which is turning 118 soon and she wanted to visit the village with human in it. So to protect his daughter from physically being harmed by the human, he created a fake village with all human-looking zombies to scare her off.

And his plan worked, she came back crying and hate the human for being so mean to monster.

One day, a backpack traveler, Jonathan enter the hotel by accident and Dracula was afraid that every monster would find out about the existence of human in the hotel, so Jonathan was dressed up like Frankenstein`s left hand cousin * I have no idea what does that mean too but HAHAH * to live among them and leave quietly later on.

In the midst of leaving, he bumped into Mavis and she was so happy meeting Jonathan and also making him her 118th birthday planner, simply because he amazed everyone with his performance on stage with the party rocking music.

Mavis was so happy spending time with Jonathan, it was like they have a zing. On her birthday party, they even shared a kiss together.

When everything goes well, the hotel chef, Quasimodo found out that Jonathan is a human disguise Frankenstein and he announced it right at the party, making Jonathan leave from the hotel, thinking he brings no good. Dracula confessed to everyone of the lie he told about human. All the monster in the hotel was very pissed off with Dracula, and demanding to check out from the hotel. As everything turned bad, Dracula come to realize that he was wrong about the idea of not letting her daughter to be hurt and all cause its the part of life that everyone should learn.

To know how he make things up with Mavis, you have no choice but to grab the tickets and watch it in the cinema. * wink *

Animation : The cartoon has a very smooth animation, and all the character has a very comical appearance, making the whole animation very funny even looking at the characters.
Storyline : The story carries a very family based moral value that very well related to the issue in real life as a child living under a protective parenthood.
Humor : It was very witty and humorous throughout the movie. Even the trailer made me LMAO.
Emotion : It was very emotional on the part where Dracula finds out on his mistake on protecting her daughter.

Verdict : I personally like this movie very much, despite of it carrying a family based moral value, it was seriously whimsical and witty all the way till the end of the movie. The part that I like the most is when Dracula was trying to hypnotize Jonathan but to find out that Jonathan has contact lens on so the spell doesnt work and he was disgusted by the idea of Jonathan trying to remove his contact lens. All the characters have their very own sense of humor portray in the movie, even Mr Invisible crack his own jokes too! This is definitely the must watch animation of the month.  ♥

Here is the trailer to get a preview of the funny monstrous animation in the cinema !

P.S. I shall look forward to more Adam Sandler production movie. hahaha

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