Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Tea Time @ Petite Millie, One Utama

Petite Millie, what a sweet name that draws me walking into their kinky looking restaurant without realizing. * woohoooo *

Petite Millie - Good Food, Good Company.
Petite Millie
(tel) +603-7732 0395
Lot G 146, Ground Floor, (right in front of Pasta Zanmai)
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
 10am - 10pm (daily)
 The name of Petite Millie is some sort of a French word, and the origin of the name originated from...

Millesime, to mean ‘vintage’ or ‘good harvest’, opened the doors to its private kitchen in 2010 and threw conventional menus (and your stress of ordering!) out the door. Instead, everyday became an adventure. Just sit back and enjoy whatever the Chef has prepped for the day, using only the best and freshest seasonal ingredients that can be found to conjure fine, modern European cuisine fit for a king. And around this part of our world, if Millesime was the mastercraftsman, then Petite Mille is the master’s apprentice.

We proudly bear the name that means “Little Millesime”. 

Shiny and colorful macaroons !

Check out the shiny and rainbow color macarons drawing my attention to dine in ! * love hate relationship *

Cheese Cake on the display.

Happy Tea Time.
Coincidentally, it was Happy Tea Time at Petite Millie, so dropped by and ordered a dessert that comes with a cup of bottomless Earl Grey Tea. 

If you are wondering whats the Tarte Flamboo, its a Pizza with a fancy name.

Its the Banana and Nutella Crepe, that topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Banana and Nutella Crepe.

Banana and Nutella Crepe.
The banana was all safely wrapped inside the crepe like a new born baby being swaddled. HAHAHA. 

To my surprise, the crepe has a cottony and soft texture, that tastes extremely soft, it was so light that even with the stripe of Nutella chocolate on top of it, doenst leave any aftertaste in your mouth. And to pair that up with the scoop of vanilla ice-cream, it was just nice. They complement each other very well, neither the crepe nor the ice-cream was too strong for each other. Even the vanilla ice-cream tastes light and soft, unlike the others you get from supermarket or anywhere else which has a very strong vanilla flavor in it.

Twining Earl Grey.
Twining Earl Grey.
The Earl Grey was served on a wooden block that was very presentable to feast the eye tho it was just plain Twining Earl Grey.

5 macarons ready to be chomped.
Well I definitely cant leave the place without chomping some macarons !

The macarons was very colorful and covered with edible glitter to make it more presentable. But apparently it tastes pretty bland, maybe because I accidentally took the coconut macarons that is such a turn off for me !

Even the staff was unsure with the flavour of the macarons, cause I am sure I wouldnt take coconut macaron which I definitely hate it much ! #epicFailure

Teeny-weeny coconut macaron.
Each menu was occupying one seats, and the menu was like so big, it literally felt like someone was dining with us. LMAO.
Petite Millie Menu in the house.

Satisfy Your Thirst in the house.
They have also all the chef recommendation scribbled on the black board hanging on the wall as an embellishment. The light bulb dangling from the ceiling is used as the source of light, saving their budget in even maintaining the ceiling, so creative !


Ambiance : The place has a very rundown mood cause the lightbulb dangling from the ceiling and with all the scribble on the blackboard. It was very cozy and there aint many people in the place too, so you can enjoy your tea slowly with shopper passing by in front.
Service : One thing that disappoint me was the staff giving me the wrong macaron cause I insist that I didnt order the coconut macaron. Hate coconut stuff.
Price : Suggest to go for Happy Tea Time instead cause it was quite pricey.
Presentation : Food are very clean and presentable to feast the eye. Even the tea has a very unique way of serving it.
Taste : Food there was amazingly nice, all of the stuff on the crepe compliment each other very well, at least it doesnt leave an unsettled aftertaste in your mouth.
P.S.I shall come back for the pasta soon. :)
My effort is paying off bit by bit
I am enjoying it.