Sunday, September 23, 2012

Belated Birthday Celebration with them @ Namoo Korean Cafe & Dessert, Publika

At last I am here, digging into the Korean dessert at Namoo that everyone has been talking about lately.
Namooooooooooo !!!!!!

Namoo Korean Cafe & Desserts.
Namoo Korean Cafe & Dessert.
Namoo Korean Cafe & Dessert
(tel) +603-6411 6698
Location : Publika, Level G3, (Right above MPH bookstore)
Lot 4A, Solaris Dutamas No.1,
Jalan Dutamas 1, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
11:00am - 10:00pm (Monday - Thursday, Sunday)
11:00am - 11:00pm (Friday - Saturday)

It was in conjunction with my belated birthday celebration so they came all the way to Publika and dine at a restaurant that I have been in crave for ! * thank you so much *
 Namoo means 'tree' in korean, it brings us warm,comfortable and natural feeling. In the pasts, Korean dessert only served to the KING, but now Namoo is here to introduce you what is the korean dessert .

I was quite late and full, so I didnt order any heavy meal, plus I only see people taking their dessert so I skipped the main course and dig right into the dessert without any hesitation.

We ordered all the ones with Chef Recommendation to play safe with. HAHAHA.

Here is the Chef Recommendation - The King`s Bing Soo.
Chef Recommendation - The King`s Bing Soo.
Its shaved ice with rice cakes, red bean, mix fruits and ice-cream sprinkled with multi-grain powder.
Chef Recommendation - The King`s Bing Soo.
I personally like this very much cause the shaved ice was very very fine and it literally melt right into your mouth without any mercy. On top of that, the combination of the topping on it complements each other so well. I like the sprinkle of crunched nuts that give a little nutty texture to the smooth and cottony soft shaved ice. * thumbs up *
Next Up is the Chef Recommendation - Sweet Potato Cake.
Chef Recommendation - Sweet Potato Cake.
Sweet Potato Cake that served with ice-cream.
Chef Recommendation - Sweet Potato Cake.
The Sweet Potato Cake has a whole chunk of sweet potato paste lying on to top of a small layer of spongy cake texture. Its was quite gummy due to the sweet potato paste.
Other dessert is the Chef Recommendation - Hottuk Pancake.
Chef Recommendation - Hottuk Pancake.
The choice of Berries, Banana or Chocolate peanut butter served with ice-cream.
Chef Recommendation - Hottuk Pancake.
The Hottuk Pancake`s name felt like "Tuk Tuk" in Thailand. Hahaha It has a very hard texture comparing to the ordinary pancake that you could make at home or any Korean pancake texture. The chunks of peanut butter and chocolate give a sense of sweetness to the plain pancake. * aint a big fan of this *
Soya Ice-Cream.
Everything comes with a scoop of the signature soya ice-cream and I like it.
Another Chef Recommendation - Bibi Rice Burger.
Chef Recommendation - Bibi Rice Burger.
I am guessing it was delicious cause the plate turned out to be squeaky clean at the end of the meal.

Kimchi Fried Rice.
Kimchi Fried Rice.
Spicy Seafood Ramen.
Namoo Cafe has a very typical Publika restaurant ambiance with all the wooden furniture and wall as embellishment. It was definitely very cozy for group of people to catch up. They have the outdoor section specially cater for outdoor lover and of course smokers. * wink *

Here is one of my camwhore picture when everyone was chatting. haha
Have my own sweet time. ;P

 We took some polaroid picture as a remembrance of my 22nd Birthday Celebration.
Thank you for all the effort in making it for me !!

I love my gift very much, it come just on time when my perfume is about to meet the bottom.

Love it muchiieeee... ♥

Ambiance : The place was very cozy and comfy to dine. The wooden wall embellishment has a very go green impression which I like it.
Service : Staff was very cordial cause they help to take photos for us ! Kamsahamnida !
Price : Food is abit pricy, recommend to go for their dessert cause you can find in no where, worth each penny !
Presentation : Its definitely DABOMB, and it was once of the reason I dine there too. Everything was so delicately placed and arranged to feast the eye.
Taste : Very unique food that comes with extraordinary taste, especially their dessert.
P.S. Jojo blogged about it too at here. You may check it out before leaving.
Its the together-ness that means everything
and that`s the reason we are still friends.