Friday, September 21, 2012

Bait (2012) @ KLCC

If you have read my post earlier (here), you could literally anticipate how the movie would be, but still I would do a review on it.
Bait (2012).
Title : Bait
Language : English
Duration : 91mins
Genre : Action / Thriller / Horror
Director : Kimbell Randall
Cast : Phoebe Tonkin, Xavier Samuel and Julian McMahon 

It was a Tsunami that hit the coastal of Australia and making a group of shoppers stuck inside a supermarket. Most of the shopper died during the natural disaster, only a few that survived and trying to find their way out of the place.

Supermarket being flooded.

3 quarter of the supermarket was flooded by the tsunami. When they were trying to find ways to get out of there, suddenly they found that they are not alone. There was a 12ft Great White Shark mingling in the supermarket.

Basement parking being flooded.
 Even the basement was flooded with water and survivors are trying to find their way out. There was a couple trapped in their air-tight car and couldnt find their way out until they met another survivor who used to work in the supermarket, which helped them in escaping from the basement to reunite with the survivor in the supermarket.

The air tight car.
The survivors have many attempts to escape but none of it work and two persons were sacrificed in the process. Then one of them came out with an idea of distracting the shark with hook and some frozen meat in the supermarket. When the shark was distracted, they ran toward the other end and uses the current in the water to create an explosion to break through the wall to escape.

Finally everyone escaped.
Action : Action that looks like RAMBO is shooting the shark came in like a joke to the movie. The 3D effect of the jaw dropping sharks does make some impact but not that breath-taking. 
Storyline : The story is very illogical, doesnt make sense in some way.
Humor : The movie felt like a joke itself.
Emotion : Not emotional at all even on the heart to heart talk part, the actors are forcing the feelings and emotions out but it still nothing.

Verdict : This jaw dropping shark movie is terrible. My tolerance level for bad movie is quite high but this is too much because it doesnt even make sense. There was a 12ft Great White Shark stuck inside the supermarket which looks like a the size of a cube. And first of all, how did the shark enter the supermarket ? Wouldnt the shark break into two pieces when it breaks through the concrete wall ? And I really dont get the whole RAMBO stunt in the movie, it was a total joke man ! A hell not worth watching movie, not even downloading !

I am sick of doing it for a stupid purpose