Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Afternoon Tea @ the Press Room, Bangsar Shopping Centre

It was my pleasure to have my friend to join me for hi-tea at


Which is one of the tea restaurant that I have been dying to go after I read it in a foodie blog.


The Press Room
+603 20958098
Lot G110 Ground Floor,
Bangsar Shopping Centre,
Jalan Maarof, Bangsar 59100 KL.
As you know, I am only here for the Afternoon Tea Set which will be served in a very sleek and unique three tier stand which I have never seen in any other restaurant.

So waste no time, lets dig in !!

The Afternoon Tea set comes with 2 pots of tea for each person, and there are variety of tea to be chosen but I would definitely go for my all time favourite

Earl Grey Tea :)

Earl Grey.

Adorable looking sugar cube.

This adorable looking little sugar cube attracted my attention when the tea was served. I personally find it very hygienic as it was fully seal, comparing to the usual sugar which was exposed to the air.

Three tier stand.

Here comes the elegant and stylish three tier stand with all our afternoon tea pastry lining up orderly to be chomped !!

Three tier stand.


The first tier has all the sandwiches which include each of 2 pieces of :-

Smoke Salmon Sandwiches
Egg Sandwiches
Cheese Sandwiches


And the second tier consist of the sweet and petite looking pastries on board. The teeny-weeny pastries embrace :-

Strawberry Macaron
Chocolate Macaron
Fruit Tarts
Lemon Tarts
Cheese Cake



The pastry lying on the third tier quietly with two different spread surrounding it, is the one that I am looking forward to each and everytime I go for Hi-Tea, which would be the ...


Strawberry jam for Scone.

Raisin Scone :).

Yummieh Raisin Scone with the spread.

This Afternoon Tea set serves the raisin scone instead of the plain ones. And surprisingly it was very luscious, tho the dollop of clotted cream was not impressive to me, it was quite bland indeed, but the scone itself has the sweetness in it due to the raisin, making the clotted cream plays a minor part in the whole hi-tea.

I can say that the scone was pretty much making to my list of favourite scones, still Teapot has the best scone and clotted cream comparing to the others. =P


The PRESS ROOM has a very snazzy dining ambiance, with all hotel looking table setting waiting for the customers to use them. On top of that, the dim lighting at the place creates a warm and cozy dining experience too.



If you prefer to dine with all the greenery, the outdoor section are here to cater your preference. The chair and table setting really gives me a beach hotel dining mood. Dont you think so ? HAHAHA
Ambiance : Ambiance of the restaurant was very snazzy and elegant, giving a very classy mood of dining.
Service :
The service crew at there was very friendly, but there is still room for improvement for the attentive part as for some reason everyone seem to be busy facing the bar.
Price :
The price was quite acceptable since everything comes in a pair, so need not to share a bite of each pastry. HAHA
Presentation :
Well the tea set presentation was definitely a bomb and distinctive cause all of it was served on a sleek and stylish round three tier stand. And that is the reason I am having my tea there too !!
Taste :
The tea was quite a norm but they are using tea leaves instead of tea sachet from any supermarket. Others was just on the average scale but the raisin scone was remarkable. It was still hot and fresh from the oven, and you can still get the crunch on the edge of the scone with a modest taste of saccharine coming from the raisin in it.
Has never been as contented as now