Friday, September 28, 2012

4 - Brunch @ Antipodean Cafe, Bangsar

It has been a while that I met up with my bunch of juniors. Well I am literally the eldest there, so I guess that was the reason I am not meeting them often. AHHAHAHA

At last, we came out for breakfast that turned out to be brunch instead * Cause I was late >.< * , at Antipodean, which has created a crowd with the Breakfast set.

Antipodean Cafe.
Antipodean Cafe Bangsar
(tel) +603-2282 0411
20, Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsa, Kuala Lumpur
8am - 10pm (Monday - Thursday, Sunday)
8am - 11pm (Friday - Saturday)
Antipodean is an cafe that serves variety of breakfast and aromatic coffee to pair with your meal.
At Antipodean Coffee, we work hard to offer a uniquely "antipodean" style cafe food menu. Our favourites include BLT on sour dough bread, double salmon fish cakes, Burmese shredded chicken salad and of course a range of delicious and healthy breakfast choices for all ages. (extracted from

If you are there, you couldnt run away from trying their all time favourite, the

Big Breakfast.

Big Breakfast with Chicken Sausage.
The Big Breakfast comes with masses mushroom, scrambled egg, a slice of toasted wholemeal bread, hash brown and a chicken sausage.

Nicely done scrambled egg.
The scrambled egg was very nicely scrambled but it was a little bit bland, a sprinkle of salt and pepper are definitely needed to add on to enhance the flavour of it. There was too much mushroom in the whole breakfast set, in some way it makes us feel nauseate eating too much of the mushroom. As for the hash brown, it astonished me with the taste of sourish in it, because the usual hash brown in McDonald would be crispy and tastes like potato, but this was sour, uniquely odd. 

Toast was the best among the rest, with the crispy crust on the side and a layer of olive oil spread on the grainy side of the toast, making it crispy and not too soggy at the same time.

Other than trying their Big Breakfast set, we had some pasta too.

Hereby is the - Mushroom Spinach Carbonara.

Mushroom Spinach Carbonara.
Mushroom Spinach Carbonara has handful of spinach and masses of mushroom diving in a great deal of Carbonara soup looking gravy.
With a dallop of Feta Cheese.
This was my very first time seeing pasta being served with a bowl full of carbonara gravy. It literally have the whole bowl filled with gravy and all the other ingredient was all bathe in it. When you mix the feta cheese and everything all together, the gravy turn out to be not so appetizing. In short, this bowl of pasta`s gravy is really a turn off, despite of the masses of mushroom that would give a nauseating feeling. The amount of gravy makes it felt very soggy and revolting.

Next pasta on the table is the - Pumpkin, Sage and Feta Pasta.

Pumpkin, Sage and Feta Pasta.
Pumpkin, Sage and Feta Pasta was served with handful of pumpkin that was cut into small cube sizes, some green spinach and a sprinkle of aromatic herbs, sage all mixed together and top it with a dallop of Feta cheese.

Dallop of Feta Cheese on top.
Pumpkin, Sage and Feta Pasta was quite good, with the herbs used, it was like a fusion of Indian and French Cuisine. The first bite of the pasta staggered me with the spices flavour from the herbs, then the pasta blending with the pumpkin flavour step in, filling your mouth with different type of flavour. On top of that, the feta cheese kicks in just nice adding sourish flavour to the dish, when the pumpkin contributed the sweetness to it. I wouldnt mind going back for this unique combination of herbs and pasta.

Antipodean Cafe.
Antipodean has a very cozy and cafe dining environment, and you will be welcomed with the aromatic coffee bean smell once you step into the place. They have all their menu written on the wall, so no print out menu will be given, which is not so user friendly after all.

Menu on the wall.
 On a weekend, the place will be packed with people, especially foreigners, if you are lucky you would see queue outside waiting for their seats. And all the tables are some sort too near to each other, not giving enough space or privacy for us to chat and talk, cause the adjacent table was staring at us in one kind when we were talking and laughing there.

(picture taken from internet).
Ambiance : The place has a very cozy and all, but it was quite small indeed and all the tables are like right next to each other, not so much of privacy when you are chit-chatting with friends.

Service : Staff was very friendly and welcoming but I am guessing that they arent local and they have a some hard time in explaining on the food.

Price : Food prices there are quite steep, judging based on the food served.

Presentation : The food presentation was clean and appetizing. All are very well decorated and detailed, the dallop of feta cheese on the pasta really added color to the whole dish.

Taste : The food at Antipodean has quite a unique taste indeed, not to say its bad but some combination of flavour that is very new to me.

Today I would like to highlight on the new necklace, my friend bought me from Bangkok, isnt it nice ?  TQ.

Accessory of the day.
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It just doenst work out