Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2 - Royal Satay Celup @ Jalan SS 21/1A, Damansara Uptown

At last, Royal Satay Celup is in town, saving your hustle bustle of going all the way to Malacca for it !

Royal Satay Celup
Royal Satay Celup
(tel)  +6012-392 2000
No. 53, Jalan SS 21/1A,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
5pm - 12am ( Tuesday - Sunday, Closed on Monday)
Royal Satay Celup has a very unique thing that I like very much comparing to the Satay Celup in Malacca.

Satay Celup, popularized in Malacca, is a twist on the well-loved local street food called "Lok-Lok". Much like Lok Lok, skewered raw and semi-cooked ingredients are DUNKED in a boiling hot pot of SCRUMPTIOUS SATAY SAUCE- an INGENIOUS way, to give that extra kick  to our favourite food!

Royal Satay Celup will change and clean the pot everytime, unlike the ones in Malacca where everyone will be sharing the same pot of nutty gravy. This is a very hygienic way of handling food so that everyone can have a cleaner celup-ing experience. :)

And the reason that the pot was split because we had only 4 person dining, if let say there are more than 5 person, you will definitely have the whole pot filled with the nutty gravy.

All the food are stored inside the fridge, and you may help yourself by taking as many and you want from it.

Here are some of the food available at there.

Crab Meat with Claws !
Fresh Sotong.
Fried Dumpling.
Pandan Chicken.

Abalone Mushroom.
Balls of Kangkung.
And on top of everything you can find in the fridge, they served Fried Mantau too ! I like it very much !

Their fried mantau was very soft and fluffy, that was covered with a thin crunchy fried layer. Its definitely a MUST TRY there ! * thumbs UP *

Yummy Mantau.
Century quail eggs with slices of ginger.
We shall wait no one, lets dig in to some satay celup !


Another round perhaps ?

If you need more nuts to make the gravy thicker, feel free to ask for more. The staffs are all ready to attend to your need ! =P

* kindly ignore the tissue paper hahaha *

After such heaty and hot pot of satay celup, chill your throat with the signature cendol at there.

Their cendol come in just nice after you eating so much of heaty stuff. It has a very strong santan taste pairing it with the Gula Malacca, giving a sense of sweetness that`s indescribable. 

I am soooo CHILLED right now !

Just cant let go of the spoon now !

Ambiance : The place is very clean, like really clean unlike the ones in Malacca and it was not too small nor big, so friends can sit together and talk while celup-ing their satay.
Service : Staffs was very friendly and attentive. He was always there ready to attend to our needs. HAHaha Fussy customer huh..
Price : The food there was comparatively cheap, if you were to compare with the Satay Celup in Malacca.
Presentation : Food presentation was very clean and well-arranged. I can see that they have quite a standard for the cleanliness.
Taste : The nutty gravy was just nice for me, not too hot nor bland cause if it was too hot, I would be drinking more water than actually eating ! Lolx.

P.S. Thanks Eunice for the invites. :)
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