Thursday, September 20, 2012

10 Reasons Why Bait(2012) Sucks !

Here is 10 reason why you SHOULD NOT watch BAIT !

Cause it was so darn "JAW DROPPING" !! * literally LMAO *

Bait (2012).
#1. Apparently 12 ft long gigantic white shark can fit inside such a small supermarket ! Impressive !

#2. No, first of all, how did the gigantic white shark ended in the supermarket and ALSO THE BASEMENT CAR PARK ?

#3. Out of the blue there are tonnes of  baby crabs or spiders * i m not sure what that is * are hidden in the pipe when that part wasnt even flooded.

#4. How on earth could the supermarket doors are so air tight that the supermarket and the basement parking was only three quarter flooded with water.

#5. Surprisingly the couple stuck inside the car can literally survive in the car for quite a long time and it is AIR TIGHT too !! What car is that cause I am so gonna get one !

#6. What is the reason of the girl lying on the cabinet like as tho she was sun tanning when it was like a life and death situation ! It was literally like she was filming for some beach wear ! wtH !

#7. Speaking about the acting skill, its terrible ! It was like they are forcing the feelings out in the heart to heart time. Like seriously, it flat !

#8. Maybe this is astonishing enough to spice up everything, when the guy took the shotgun and dive into the water with a RAMBO style to shot the White Shark ! Superb la, man, even RAMBO have to stand aside !

#9. The part where the electricity supply was turn off but yet the fridge was still having the lights on ! I guess they are using "hydro" energy then ! * LMAO *

#10. Apparently with the whole supermarket flooded with water, they still manage to find plenty of stuff like the basket, knife, rope, zipper and etc, to plan for escape. Good Job !


P.S. Will do a full review on the movie tomorrow. Gotta hit the sack now. nitez :)
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