Thursday, September 20, 2012

10 Reasons Why Bait(2012) Sucks !

Here is 10 reason why you SHOULD NOT watch BAIT !

Cause it was so darn "JAW DROPPING" !! * literally LMAO *

Bait (2012).
#1. Apparently 12 ft long gigantic white shark can fit inside such a small supermarket ! Impressive !

#2. No, first of all, how did the gigantic white shark ended in the supermarket and ALSO THE BASEMENT CAR PARK ?

#3. Out of the blue there are tonnes of  baby crabs or spiders * i m not sure what that is * are hidden in the pipe when that part wasnt even flooded.

#4. How on earth could the supermarket doors are so air tight that the supermarket and the basement parking was only three quarter flooded with water.

#5. Surprisingly the couple stuck inside the car can literally survive in the car for quite a long time and it is AIR TIGHT too !! What car is that cause I am so gonna get one !

#6. What is the reason of the girl lying on the cabinet like as tho she was sun tanning when it was like a life and death situation ! It was literally like she was filming for some beach wear ! wtH !

#7. Speaking about the acting skill, its terrible ! It was like they are forcing the feelings out in the heart to heart time. Like seriously, it flat !

#8. Maybe this is astonishing enough to spice up everything, when the guy took the shotgun and dive into the water with a RAMBO style to shot the White Shark ! Superb la, man, even RAMBO have to stand aside !

#9. The part where the electricity supply was turn off but yet the fridge was still having the lights on ! I guess they are using "hydro" energy then ! * LMAO *

#10. Apparently with the whole supermarket flooded with water, they still manage to find plenty of stuff like the basket, knife, rope, zipper and etc, to plan for escape. Good Job !


P.S. Will do a full review on the movie tomorrow. Gotta hit the sack now. nitez :)
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  1. Replies
    1. Yeah i am sure they can do better than that... :(

  2. Enjoyed your points. Just wanna say all of those things are possible for one reason. Script writing. There is nothing more powerful in than universe than a written script (good or badly written, does not matter).

    1. Totally agree with you.. Script writing is the key to a good movie !:)

  3. hahahaha well that's why it only happens in movie?

    1. yeah pretty much thats all.. hahaha.. there are la, some 3D scene of the shark popping out to chomp their prey.. haha

  4. i guess some things are not drowned and they managed to grab them from the cabinet? I only laugh at the part where the asian guy died trying to cut off the power... I GOT AN IDEA! LOL

    1. hahaha yeah it was very funny, i thought he wud say "I WILL DO IT", but he said I GOT AN IDEA !! hahaha and buta-buta dead just like that.. hahaa

  5. Lolz. You know what, you just gave a good reason to watch this movie: for a good laugh. Hahahaha.. the way you put it, actually made me feel like watching it in the cinema.. to support the scriptwriter to write more movie like this mar.. :P Life is too stressful, have a good laugh in cinema would be good. :P

    1. hahaha...yeah u just wanna see how stupidly funny it is.. hahaa... i dun mind if it is meant to be like that but i suppose it was meant to be like thriller and action.. hahah


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