Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Watch (2012) @ One Utama

Ben Stiller and his neighborhood watch is a joke or a noble task ?

All thanks to Nuffnang that I get a chance to watch Ben Stiller rocking the big screen with this whimsical and heroic act.

The Watch (2012).

Title : The Wanted
Language : English
Duration : 102 mins
Genre : Comedy / Thriller / Sci-Fic
Director : Akiva Schaffer
Cast : Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade

Evan is a very friendly and helpful neighbor in his neighborhood, he will be the one that set up clubs and events to make the neighborhood a better place to stay.

One day when a colleague of his was killed and his skin was ripped apart at their supermarket, COSTCO, he started a new club by the name of, "Neighborhood Watch", to prevent crime in his own neighborhood. However, there was only 3 person turned up when he called for a meeting at his house for the watch.

The neighborhood watch with their new jacket.

Here is how the they started the neighborhood watch group with their very own jacket. When they were driving back home from the watch, Evan accidentally knocked on something, something green and slimy. They thought it was some octopus or some Japanese sushi making guy, but it was the alien that they knocked on. Later at the same scene of crime, there was a alien looking silver ball located next to their car, which turned out to be a magnificent weapon.

The alien looking silver ball.

As Evan and Bob started to have conflict during one of their midnight watch activity, Jamarcus come forward in confessing that he is one of them and the hidden agenda of the alien in taking over the world. Here is where their real funny yet ewkky "Alien Neighborhood Watch" kick started !
Action : All the action in the movie turns out to be comical due to the silliness of the team of neighborhood watch. And the best part is how natural they made it all to be, it`s like an effortless act.
Storyline : Storyline quite predictable tho till the part of finding out the weakness of the aliens. #wtH
Humor :
It has been very funny throughout the movie, even the part fighting against the alien turns out to be amusing with their silly action and joke.
Emotion : There aint much emotional part, well it is a comedy !
Verdict : This movie is quite whimsical, I admire the part where they had the humorous and thrilling part of the movie, all very well merged together. And on top of that, the actors did the joke so naturally like as tho it was effortless. It is indeed a worth watching comedy movie of the month. =)
I cant believe I have done it
And the best part is that I dont mind doing