Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Bourne Legacy (2012) @ Mid Valley

Are you ready for the new Bourne played by Hawkeye in Avengers ?

He is hitting the screen very very soon !! And all thanks to Nuffnang & Churp2, I get to watch it before the release. =P


The Bourne Legacy.

Title : The Bourne Legacy
Language : English
Duration : 135 mins
Genre : Action / Thriller
Director : Tony Gilroy
Cast : Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz, and Edward Nortan

The Bourne Legacy is the expansion of the previous three Bourne movie, but this time, a new character was introduced which is Aaron Cross (played by Jeremy Renner). He is one of the agent from the Operation Outcome, the black opt programme by the CIA.

Perfect timing to shoot.

After the wake of Jason Bourne, the CIA decided to dispose their black opt programme, which include the execution of all agent involved. Aaron escaped from their vision by disposing the chip implanted in his body to track him, to a wolf, and the CIA was convinced with the death of Aaron. Later he found his way to the Outcome Scientist, Dr Marta to get the supply of medication that was given to the agent regularly.

The drug sampling in lab.

He was about to find out that Dr Marta was being attacked by the CIA, as she was the only Outcome scientist that survived the gunshot in the lab earlier. Knowing that even herself, Dr Marta has to be disposed along with the project and she has no where to go, so she decided to help Aaron to obtain the medication at Manila.

Trying to save Dr Marta.

After getting the medication, Aaron was sick due to the reaction of the virus in the body. They cant do anything but overnight at a motel, unfortunately they were being tracked down till Manila by the Philippines police and a highly intelligent assassin assigned by the CIA.

The Superbike running away from the Assasin.

Running away from the assassin with the superbike was the best part of the movie. There will be a lot of car crash and astonishing superbike stunt.
Action : The movie was filled with stunning and breath-taking action especially the gunshot action at Dr Marta house and the part at Manila with all the cars and superbike stunt.
Storyline :
The storyline was pretty plain till the part at Manila
Humor :
There aint so much sense of humor in the movie, pretty serious throughout the movie.
Emotion :
An action movie that has very little part of romance.
The skateboard bike riding stunt.
Honestly I prefer this movie rather than the Total Recall, at least I understand what the story is about instead of having all the flashback like Total Recall, which create a total confusion indeed. The gunshot scene at Dr Marta house was incredible tho it could rarely happen in reality, the timing was perfect, it fired exactly when the CIA agent was standing on the location Aaron planned. All the superbike scene was stunning too, my heart literally stop pounding for that one second seeing the scene where Dr Marta nearly fell down from the bike. They even created the skateboard bike riding scene, which Aaron slide down the handrail like a skateboard !! Fuiyo !! But one thing I dont like about the movie is having the assassin died off by knocking on the pillar. At least there should be a hand combat between the assassin and Aaron to spice up the action. In short, it quite a worth watching movie of the month. :)

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