Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tenshi no Cafe aka Maid Cafe @ e-Curve

Tenshi no Cafe.

Tenshi no Cafe is also known as the Maid Cafe which is a subcategory of cosplay restaurant found predominantly in Japan. In these cafe, waitress dressed in maid costumes act as servants, and treat customers as masters (and mistresses) in a private home, rather than as cafe patrons. (abstract from the menu)

Tenshi no Cafe`s Menu.

Restaurant Name : Tenshi no Cafe
Tel No : +603 7732 9813
Location : LG located next to parking entrance in front of Just Dessert, e-Curve Shopping Mall
Website :
Operating Hour : 10am - 10pm ( Sunday - Saturday )

Everything is so PINKY here !!

Katsu Curry Don.

Katsu Curry Don was a dish of chicken fillet resting on top of the rice with Japanese curry surrounding it. To add a bit of colour to the dish, few red cherry and celery were added to it. The aromatic smell of spices in the curry did made me drool a bit. * LMAO * It was really very tempting with the smell of curry filling your airway, before you even digging into it.

Katsu Curry Don.

There was chunks of potatoes and carrots came along with the curry, in adding sweetness to the curry, making it very flavorsome and thick. I could even eat plain rice with the curry ONLY, nothing but the curry only! You might be surprise to know that, cause my spicy food tolerance level was very low, but this curry was not as spicy as it is, it was quite sweet indeed. * nom nom nom *

Couple Hangout Bento.

The Couple Hangout Bento comes in a very small portion, I am guessing it is meant for kids. * =( * You would be definitely still be voraciously hungry if you are a big eater. So dont even be fooled by the presentation of it, and order for something that is not fulfilling your stomach at all.

Cute little teddy in my bento.

Okay, this cute little kiddo bento has rice that was mold into two cute little bears, there was one with a bow on the ear too !! Its so adorable !! The bento comes with cutlet of Teriyaki chicken and some fruits too, and all are lying on a layer of egg strips.

Double Decker Ice-Cream.

To complete the meal, we ordered the Double Decker Ice-Cream as our dessert. The ice-cream was nothing fancy and special about it, it feels pretty much like Walls ice-cream you can buy from supermarket. Whipped cream with colorful rice candies were used to top the ice-cream up to enhance the coloring of it. Well I personally prefer the cottony soft whipped cream than the ice-cream tho. * >v< fattening !! *

Double Decker Ice-Cream.

Usually there will be plenty service crew dressing up like a maid to serve customer. But I went there on a weekdays, so there aint any waitress around, only a waiter here to serve us, and he literally dressed up like a butler with all the vest and bow ! * Lolx *

Pinky wallpaper at Tenshi no Cafe.

Tenshi no Cafe have the place all painted in pink, giving a very kawaii and girly feeling. Besides sakura plants was placed to embellish the place, giving it a more Japanese restaurant ambiance, as tho you are dining at Japan. If you ever realize, there are window in the restaurant, which you could rarely see it in restaurant. I am guessing the windows are to portray a home alike impression, just like the theme of a maid cafe.

Comfy couch at Tenshi no Cafe.

To enhance the homely experience, customer will have a choice of dining on normal dining table or on the comfy looking couch, with anime printed on each of the cushion.

Anime to watch at Tenshi no Cafe.

On top of the Japanese style decoration, there was anime playing throughout the day. I aint such a big fan of anime, I personally find it annoying. So for anime fans, they not only can dine at there, yet can have TV dinner too !! * =P *

Ambiance : The restaurant looks quite kinky in someway, and also kawaii with all the Japanese style of embellishment.
Service :
The waiter was extremely polite, helpful and attentive, but his voice was like so soft that I have to really pay attention to what he said.
Price : Food at Tenshi Cafe was quite costly, what I can say is that the food doesnt worth the price. Even the coke was like RM 7.50 per can, I literally stoned for a second.
Presentation : Food was very presentable and clean to feast the eye. Kawaii !!
Taste :
The taste of it was quite norm, nothing really extraordinary with it.

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