Thursday, August 2, 2012

Step Up : Revolution (2012) @ e-Curve

Have you got your dancing moves ready ?

Fret not, cause Step Up : Revolution have all the moves you need for FLASH MOB !

All thanks to @NuffnangMY for the invites to this movie. ♥


Step Up Revolution !!

Title : Step Up : Revolution
Language : English
Duration : 100 mins
Genre : Musical/ Dance/ Romance
Director : Scott Speer
Cast : Kathryn McCormick, Ryan Guzman and Misha Gabriel

The Mob was a group of dancers who does the cutting-edge flash mob in Miami, to win a Youtube contest by attaining 1million viewership of their video. Sean and his friend, Eddie was the founder of The Mob, they gathered dancers all around the world to dance along with them, with the purpose of having some fun with the flash mob and dancing.

The Flash Mob on the street with "bumpy cars".

The Flash Mob on the street with "bumpy cars".

Things started to turn around when Sean met Emily in a beach party. He fell in love with Emily, daughter of Bill Anderson, the real estate tycoon who owns the hotel that Sean and Eddie work at. On their first date, Sean did a flash mob for Emily at an art exhibition. After seeing the stunning performance of The Mob at an art exhibition, Emily wanted to join The Mob, so that she could learn some new technique for her dance audition for a prestigious dance company. Everyone agreed and welcomed Emily into the group, not knowing that she`s the daughter of Bill Anderson.

Meeting Emily at the Beach Party.

When they found out that their neighborhood will be demolished by Bill Anderson to build some skyscraper hotel, Emily came out with a plan to make a statement to the corporate (protest art), instead of just dancing for fun, which was by doing a flash mob at the office during the meeting. With all the spectacular flash mob, they manage to get the attention of everyone, even the project was not approved at the end of the day.

The protest art.

One day, Eddie came across an video with the conversation of Sean and Emily, when she was expressing her guilt for turning down her dad`s hotel project at the neighborhood. Then it comes the flash mob that stirred up everything, turning everything upside down. Eddie decided to have a flash mob on one of the party by Bill Andersoon to payback, and crash the party, by telling the everyone that even Bill Anderson`s daugher, Emily was in the flash mob going against her dad.

The last scene.

Emily stopped talking to Sean after that day, thinking that he was behind all these. As The Mob qualification for the Youtube contest was banned due to the violent act at the party, Eddie finally came to his senses that what he did was meaningless and stupid. Therefore, he made it up to Sean, and they decided to make a flash mob at the neighborhood for the last time and it was the BEST !!!

And how the story ends, I guess you would have to watch it yourself at the cinema. * wink wink *

Dance : The dance and flash mobs are very original and creative, especially the part where they started to dance on the street with all the cars.
Storyline :
Story and dance are very well merged in one movie, both part has been taken care and focused on. Neither one of it was given too much attention to, so everything blend in well together. :)
Humor :
Its quite humorous, if you get the joke. And there was a part where even the corporate is trying to dance after listening to the dance beat.
Emotion : At least this movie was not so emotional all the time.

Among all the flash mob in the movie, my favourite would be at the art gallery, it was remarkable !! The idea of them camouflage in the art work, by painting their body exactly like the artwork, and when the music starts they started to move too. Its like making the artwork alive, LIKE SERIOUSLY !! There was one with ballerina dancing in the dark with their tutu glowing, and the best part is having the round curtain on top which looks like jellyfish. Wowww, astonishing. I am not a dancer, I am not sure whether their dance moves are awesome in the dancer`s point of view, but the idea of doing flash mob at an art exhibition is creative. On top of that, during each flash mob, there will be a street art guy that draws on the spot, its like leaving their signature on the place after the flash mob, its lovely. * I jest feel like dancing right now hahaha *

Lemme end the post with a picture of me with the STEP UP Merchandise I got from Nuffnang. ~ Looooveeee it... * thankiu *

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