Friday, August 17, 2012

Pick-Me-Up Dessert @ Kuchai Lama

I have always been a huge fan of food especially when it comes to dessert !!

So that day I headed down to Kuchai Lama to try the Pick-Me-Up Dessert.

Pick-Me-Up Dessert.

Pick-Me-Up Dessert
35, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8,
58200 Kuala Lumpur (Located opposite of Snowflake)
1pm - 11:30pm (Monday - Thursday)
1pm - 12:30pm (Friday - Sunday)

When you are at Pick-Me-Up dessert restaurant, there is something that is a MUST to order, which is the....

12 cm tall Taiwanese Tower Ice !!

Taiwanese Tower Ice.

This 12 cm tall tower ice is the signature dessert at the place that no one can miss it.

Taiwanese Tower Ice is 12 cm tall and consist of 3 different type of shaved ice, which are soya ice, Gula Melaka ice and the top it up with grassjelly ice. The toppings that come with the ice tower are barly, pearl, grassjelly and taro balls. This dessert comes along with two tiny cup of milk and brown syrup to add some flavouring to it, depending on the customer`s preference of sweetness.

12cm tall Taiwanese Tower Ice.

In between each layer of ice, there was handful of frozen red beans to distinguish between each layer of shaved ice. As for my favourite layer of shaved ice would be grassjelly ice !! The sweetness level of the grassjelly shaved ice was just the way I like it to be, not too sweet nor too plain. If you prefer it to be a little bit sweeter, you may pour the brown syrup to enhance the flavouring of it.

As for the taro balls, I still feel Snowflake was better in term of the freshness of it. The taro balls in Snowflake was very chewy and flavoursome, and the taro balls here were kind of bland, doenst feel so much like taro balls at all.

Nutella French Toast w Mango.

Besides, I was attracted by the Nutella French Toast once I saw it on the menu !! So lets dig in !! * haha *

Nutella French Toast w Mango.

The French Toast was undeniably fresh, like fresh from the deep fryer. Tho I am not sure did they deep fry it on the deep fryer or not but it was very crispy. Even when I put the knife and fork on it, I can hear the crispiness coming from the edge of the bread. No one would ever say "No" to Nutella chocolate, what else more when it was all apply on the crispy french toast, it was simply the best combination of all !!

I wish I could have both in Nutella chocolate instead of Mango. * =( *

Pick-Me-Up Dessert.

The dessert shop has a very typical dessert place embellishment like Snowflake and all. Overall it was pretty clean and the service crew was very cordial indeed.
Ambiance : Place looks very clean and cozy to hang out with a bunch of friends.
Service :
It was very friendly and helpful service crew.
Price : The price was pretty acceptable, like the other Taiwanese dessert place.
Presentation : Food presentation was delicate and peculiar, especially the design of the Ice Tower. It`s creative !!
Taste :
The shaved ice was very fine and succulent, but maybe they can improve on the taroballs instead.

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