Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ParaNorman 3D (2012) @ One Utama

Clay animation aint that bad after all !!

Forget about the previous clay animation you have ever watched, cause this is totally different !!! Even not a big fan of clay animation like me, is giving a THUMBS UP !!


ParaNorman (2012).

Title : ParaNorman (2012)
Language : English
Duration : 93 mins
Genre : Clay Animation/Comedy/Horror
Director : Chris Butler and Sam Fell
Cast : Kodi Smit-McPhee, Anna Kendrick and Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Its a story of a kid, Norman having the ability to speak to the dead and everyone thinks he is a freak, including his family itself.

Norman talking to his dead grandma.

Mr Prenderghast, aka his uncle has the supernatural power too and he was trying to pass the responsibility to him in breaking the witch`s spell, just in case he pass away and there will still be a person to look after the town.

Norman and his uncle, Mr Prenderghast.

In order to keep his words to Mr Prenderghast, Norman decided to find for the book that Mr Prenderghast was talking about and try to break the witch`s curse. Nile was the only friend he had, that supported him and never treats him like a freak. But Norman decided to do it alone.

Norman and Nile (aka Fatty).

Here where the journey to break the curse sets off. Unfortunately Norman didnt get to read the book before the sunset and zombies started to break out of the grave, and chasing after them. As Norman talked to the zombies, he realized that they are not here to hurt anyone but wanted to make up to the mistake they have done to Aggie, aka the witch.

Looking for the witch`s death certificate.

Aggie is also a kid that can speak to the death like Norman, but she was sentenced to death due to fear and selfishness of the people in the town. They are fear of the dead and they are even scared of Aggie who can speak to the dead, so they framed Aggie and killed her. Now her unpleasant and agitated spirit has turned into the witch`s curse to haunt the people that are involved with her death.

Animation : The clay figures was pretty smooth unlike the olden clay animation, but still the clay looking mustache and hair kinda freak me out. The 3D rendering to my surprise was quite real and solid.
Storyline : The story carries a lot of moral values, as such by believing that there is a good in all the bad in life.
Humor :
The sense of humor was present throughout the whole movie and it aint any lame joke but it literally would make you laugh out loud especially the journey being chased by the zombies. Lolx
Emotion :
It was pretty emotional towards the end of the movie, when everyone comes to realize the selfishness in themselves.

Verdict 1 : Initially I dont have the intention of watching it as it is a clay animation, but surprisingly the movie was unexpectedly funny and meaningful too. I was really laughing out loud (LOL) throughout the movie. Maybe because I carry no expectation when I enter the cinema, so it turned out to be UNEXPECTEDLY whimsical !! (Lavinia, my movie partner)

Verdict 2 : I was pretty much impressed by the sense of humor included in the movie, everything was funny even the part with zombiessss crawling in town. HAHAHA. The clay animation was very smooth, without all the crocked skin and all, but the hair and mustache still give me a goosebump. Despite of the sense of humor in the movie, it conveys moral values too, as such letting go of the hatred and think of the happy times, and do not blinded by your selfish-ness when getting rid of your fear. In short, this is quite an interesting clay animation that I would suggest you to watch. :)

P.S. All thanks to Churp2 for the whimsical movie tix. ♥

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