Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Make Popcorn in 5 minutes !

Popcorn is like a must, if you are going for movie. On top of that, its a very healthy snack to munch too, rather than eating chocolates or candies, since I am ON DIET !! * LMAO, diet plan that never works HAHAHA *

I have been a huge fan of Salted Popcorn after so much of late night movie screening by Nuffnang and Churp2. I would eventually queue up to purchase popcorn and drink all the time, like ALL THE TIME ! * HAHAHAH *

My very first popcorn

I am here to share my popcorn making experience with you !! =)

Step 1 : Buy packets of dried corn.

Step 2 : Put a handful of dried corn into a big bowl. * make sure it is microwaveable, so it doesnt crack *

Step 3 : Cut a cube of butter and put into the bowl with dried corn. * the butter is to enhance the smell and taste of the popcorn *

Step 4 : Place the bowl into microwave, make sure to cover it else it will pop all over in the microwave !

Step 5 : Set to around 180°C and instant cook for 2 - 3 minutes.

Be ready for your very first POPCORN !! It will pop any time !!!

Step 6 : Get yourself ready with the caramel, salt or curry powder, depending on your preference, to sprinkle on the popcorn.

As for me, I like buttery salted popcorn so I would melt the butter and pour it on top with a sprinkle of salt on top of it.

Here you go, a bowl of delicious and healthy snack is right in front of you.

Catch you later, I gonna watch movie and munch my very own homemade popcorn now. ~tata

If she knows who is behind this
I bet she would be astonished