Monday, August 20, 2012

Devonshire Tea @ The Smokehouse Restaurant, Bangsar

I am always a big fan of scones and English tea.

Nothing much to do than tasting it with my own tongue when I got to know that Smokehouse in Bangsar serves scone and tea set.

The Smokehouse Restaurant.

The Smokehouse Restaurant
+603 2288 1510
67 Jalan Telawi 3 Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur, KL.
11:00am - 12:00am (Monday - Thursday)
11:00am - 2:00am (Friday - Sunday)

Tea Menu.

The Devonshire Cream Tea set at Smokehouse has two different set which comes with different pastry and price too.

Smokehouse Tea Set A :
Scone and Apple Pie with a pot of Tea or Coffee

Smokehouse Tea Set B :
Scone, Apple Pie, Cake, Brownies and Sandwiches with a pot of Tea or Coffee

TWININGS Earl Grey tea.

Well, the choice is obvious, I had the Set B instead cause it comes with MORE pastries ! * woman will always have an extra stomach for dessert so no worries >v< *

to change the tea to some other tea like earl grey, extra charges will be included

The 2 tier tea set.

Clotted cream, chunks of butter and jam.

The first tier has the clotted cream, butter and jam placed on a very delicate looking bowl with a spoon for each topping.

Clotted Cream.

Clotted cream served by Smokehouse was quite bland, feel pretty much like the white yogurt from Indian restaurant, except it wasnt sour at all. Some flavouring should be added into it, like maybe whipped cream to add teeny-weeny of sweetness to it.

The second tier.

Lets dig in to the second tier now, all pastries which include scone, cake, apple pie, brownies and sandwiches are all dainty and delicately placed on the second tier to feast the eye before digging in.


The reason I am here was because of the Scone but this piece of scone was quite not up to scratch. Simply because it wasnt up to my expectation like the one I had in Teapot, SS2. Dont get me wrong, it was very fresh, unfortunately it was very crumbly too like as tho there was no butter in the scone itself.

Even with dollop of clotted cream and jam, it doesnt enhance any much flavoring to the scone, still it was quite insipid.


The set comes along with two pieces of Tuna Sandwiches. It was quite the typical sandwiches you can get at home but I am guessing you can make it better, nothing extraordinary with it, so I shall skip it.

Apple Pie.

Next is the apple pie.

By the look at it, I thought it was slices of chicken in it instead of apple ! * haha *

I was hoping this Apple Pie is going to stir up my excitement to continue with my tea, too bad once again it let me down. It was overly sweetening and the crust was crumbly like the scone too.


Other than the apple pie being saccharine, the Brownies was the same too. The idea of brownies being saccharine is still acceptable but the part where the piece of brownies has the texture soft like a cake indeed was seriously intolerable. Even I am not sure I was having a cake or brownies. * epic phailure *

Orange Cake.

Last but not least the Orange Cake, in fact it was the best among the rest. The texture of it was very buttery and soft with chunks of orange skin lying in the cake. The slice of the cake was just nice to chomp it all down your throat, not too moist nor dry.

The Smokehouse Restaurant.

To tone with the theme of the restaurant, all the furniture were made of wood and cushioned with flower pattern, giving a very classic English lady like impression.

Homely looking fireplace.

On top of that, they have chesterfield and a fireplace in the restaurant to put together a homely and warm dining experience for each diner.
Ambiance : The place was very homely and cozy with all the old English embellishment as the theme. It gives a very warm dining experience with the dim lighting and a replica of English looking fireplace.
Service :
Service crew always serve us with a smile, pretty cordial indeed.
Price :
Price was comparatively cheap for the Devonshire Tea set at Smokehouse than some other tea set at other restaurant.
Presentation : Food presentation was pretty norm other than the tea set was served on a 2 tier stand.
Taste : The pastry was sort of plain, nothing exquisite with the flavoring of it and it was quite dry indeed.
I like it more each day