Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fat Boy`s Burger Bar @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas

What`s the new burger in town ?

Its the FAT BOY`s BURGER BAR at Publika !!

Fat Boy`s Burger Bar.

Fat Boy`s Burger Bar
+603-6206 1352
Lot 30, Level G2, Publika
No 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
Solaris Dutamas, 50480 KL
11:00am - 11:00pm (Sunday - Saturday)

Holy Caeser Burger.

I had this Holy Caeser Burger since I aint a big fan of beef nor lamb burger.

Holy Caeser Burger
Grilled seasoned chicken, romaine lettuce, sprinkles of Parmesan and topped with their homemade caeser dressing on honey oat bun.

Holy Caeser Burger.

Holy Caeser Burger was served with fries and a slice of lettuce and tomato. The fries was quite peculiar in a way that it`s rectangular shaped instead of the usual squarish one.

Juicy grilled chicken patty.

See how juicy the burger is, all the cheese and caeser dressing are all dripping from the burger. It was very juicy but not too soggy for a burger, and the grilled chicken really feel like it was fresh from the charcoal grill bed with the burnt on the side. * very original indeed !! *

As for the bun, i think its one of the selling point of the burger bar. In fact, I like the black honey oat bun, taste pretty much like the one you can get in Subway.

Bushtucker Burger.

The next burger we decided to take down is the Bushtucker Burger.
Bushtucker Burger
Grilled beef patty, melted emmenthal cheese, beets, wild aragula and garlic aioli on whole wheat bun.

Bushtucker Burger.

Tender and medium cook beef patty.

The patty for Bushtucker Burger was overly tender and succulent for a beef patty, with that one cut has it all crumble over the plate. To add flavoring and coloring to the burger, there were slices of beetroots lying under the patty, and I ♥ it !! In general, the Bushtucker Burger is quite a typical burger, nothing bizarre or worth craving for.

As for the burger bun, it`s rather plain and somewhat like the whole wheat bread by Gardenia. Thus, maybe you would want to change it to Honey Oat Bun or Sesame Bun. * xD *

Fat Boy`s Burger Bar.

Fat Boy`s Burger Bar is a fast food restaurant but it doesnt look like any other fast food restaurant like McDonald or Carls Jr where you line up for your order. This one you literally order from your table. All the table arrangement give a very old school canteen ambiance with the long chairs.

Fat Boy`s Burger Bar.

Service at Fat Boy Burger Bar was sluggish and dreadful, they were taking like ages to serve us the beverages we ordered and even the BBQ sauce has yet to arrive after we called for the bill. The place was quite pack and there were even queue outside of the restaurant, but I seriously have no idea what was so special with the burger here.
Ambiance : Place was quite pack most of the time, and
Service : Service was pretty bad, the Filipino staff has difficulty in understanding our order for water and on top of that it took like ages to get anything we requested like BBQ sauce.
Price :
Price doesnt worth the quality of the burger, I feel over priced.
Presentation : Overall, the food presentation was very clean and
Taste : The burger patty doesnt tastes up to my scratch, feel Carls Jr is much better.

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