Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chua`s 22nd Birthday Celebration @ TGIF

Lets do a shout out before I start with this blog post.


" Background planning started approximately 1 months ago, I guess. Even on that day itself we were still walking around looking for balloons, see how #epicFailure we are in making things happen. * ROFL *

The discussion of buying what as a gift has prolonged throughout the discussion, we couldnt make up our mind in the things to buy. We wanted to buy something that he will be using for work, like maybe tie, shirt, watch, perfume or belt, but by thinking of it, he will not be using tie nor shirt cause programmer goes to work in casual attire !! So that is out the picture, perfume is neither his thing too, will cross that out too. That makes us down to watch and belt, but we decided to buy him a watch, a more practical gift.

Tell you what, hunting for men`s watch aint an easy task !! We have to consider on the budget, the design, the color and also everyone`s preference !! Well thank god, we come into a gentlemen agreement in buying Padini Authentic Watch for him. *wink wink*

Doing last minute shopping.

We arrived there early to do some last minute planning and setting up at TGIF for the bday boy. Dont forget to pose for the camera !! * hahaha *

Just right after he finished his meal, all the TGIF crew were clapping their hand walking towards our table with the cake we prepared for him. He was really stoned for a second seeing people walking towards him. * I guess he din see this part coming. hahaha *

Asking for a clap from the couple on the other end.

He has been asked to sing on the chair with the "wireless TGIF microphone", but since he was too shy to do that, so now he has to complete another task indeed.

Mission : Get the couple on the other end to clap for him by telling him today is his birthday. * LOLX *

I kid you not, the way he was saying it, was like so darn soft !! I never heard him talking like this before, like seriously !! * hahaha *

Everyone is cheering for the bday boy.

Everyone was giving support to him, "GO GO GO !!".

Trying to blow the candle from a distant.

The birthday prank has yet to end, now..

Mission 2 : Blow the candle on the cake from where he was standing. * LOLX *

It was quite a distant away tho. Well you only do things like this once in a life, so #screwYou !! hahahaha

The Birthday "Cake" (aka Pavlova).

We even took picture with the "gift" we bought him. 22 years old boy was so shy to even hold it !! * LMAO *

Lets go back 5 minutes ago so you can understand what was going on. We gave him a box with the "new" brief in it and saying that was his pressie. It was just to fool him, see how he would react seeing the gift. HAHAHA. And he was like real shy to even open it.

Everyone is happy getting him a new brief. xD

We gave him, his real pressie after everything has ended. I am guessing he was like,

"Phew lucky thing it wasnt only the brief cause I am so not gonna wear it at all !!".

Now he is all happy with his new watch.

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHUA !! Hope you have a great one. xD

It was indeed a great experience celebration birthday at TGIF, I have never tried it nor seeing my friend doing it and this is like my very first time witnessing it with my own eyes. I like the idea that the crew were so sporting and play along with it. I am sure it will be a memorable one for him to stand on a chair at a restaurant blowing off the candle on his cake !! Let this memory last till the very last day of life. ♥
Shud be proud and happy indeed