Wednesday, August 8, 2012

#ChurpOut Buka Puasa Buffet @ Songket Restaurant, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

#ChurpOut Buka Puasa .

I didnt make it to the #ChurpOut Buka Puasa last year at Mek T, but this year I am lucky enough to scored myself a pair of invites to this awesome get-together event by Churp2. * yippie *

Name : #ChurpOut Buka Puasa
Date : 5 August 2012
Time : 6pm - 9pm
Location : Songket Restaurant, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

This year`s buka puasa event was held at Songket Restaurant, which is near to KLCC. It wasnt that hard to find the place tho, not even any traffic jam all the way there, maybe everyone was at home watching badminton final. * hehehe xD *

Tho we have only silver medal, but I believe that Dato LCW has done his best, like real best ! We will still support you, Dato Lee Chong Wei.

#ChurpOut Photo with Daphne Iking ♥ .

Before buka puasa, there was an ice-breaker, to get us mingle around and make new friends. The game goes like this :
The first person to take photo with 10 different people will win a Churp2 pendrive !
I even took photo with Daphne Iking !! She was so friendly, like real friendly, but her daughter was sort of camera shy. * >.< *

#ChurpOut Photo with Daphne daughter, Isabella .

Oh yeah, Churp2 prepared props for us to take photos too !! Like the mustache and some speech bubble. It felt so much like the tea party organized by Palace of Golden Horses. =)

Guess who`s the winner of the ice-breaking game.. eherm eherm.. hahaha, I got a new pendrive now !! xD

#ChurpOut Appetizer section .

Now its time to dig in to the delicious and delicate traditional malay food prepared by Songket Restaurant.

#ChurpOut Cucur Udang .

#ChurpOut Otak Otak .

Here is the kuih muih section !! All of it are nicely arranged and pretty tempting too. * drool *

#ChurpOut Kuih Muih .

If you arent a big fan of kuih, there are some malay cakes for you. The banana cake was very moist and not crumbly at all, it was simply divine.

#ChurpOut Variety of Malay Cake .

Here is the BBQ section with humongous big prawn and some stingray BBQ-ed with the pandan leaf wrapped around it. I am guessing that is to reduce the water lost in the fish, preventing it dry later on.

#ChurpOut BBQ Section .

I would never miss the Lontong if it is raya. It`s like one of my favourite dish of all, tho it aint so healthy after all, with all the santan in it, but once in a while is fine !! * shhhh no diet today *

The Lontong by Songket was very smooth and creamy, too bad they have no Tempe in it, else it will be delish !!

#ChurpOut Lontong .

Now its time to clean up all the oily food with some fruitsss. There was a cart full of freshly cut local fruits served for us which include, watermelon, mango, longan, rambutan and pineapple.

#ChurpOut Local Fruits .

DIY ice-kacang time !! The variety of ice-kacang topping was not that much, there was only 9 different toppings, which are peanut crunch, corn, grassjelly, cendol and the colourful balls. * xD *

#ChurpOut Ice Kacang .

After everyone has filled their stomach with the delicious traditional malay food prepared by Songket restaurant, there was games prepared by Churpies. They were playing CHARADE !!

#ChurpOut Charade .

#ChurpOut Charade - Penang Bridge .

#ChurpOut Churp2 plushies .

The one who volunteer for the game and the one who gets it right will get a Churp2 plushie too. * congratz *

#ChurpOut Twitpic winner .

Throughout the #ChurpOut, there was a twitpic contest going on too. All we have to do was to twitpic the best #ChurpOut moment throughout the whole event, and at the end of the day 3 winners with the best picture will be walking away with goodies from Chocolate World. * congratz to the winners xD *

#ChurpOut Buka Puasa Group Photo.

#ChurpOut Churpies .

Here is the Polaroid picture and my cute little Churp2 pendrive. Love it ♥ ~~~

#ChurpOut Polaroid Pic & Churp2 Pendrive .

Songket Restaurant
03 - 2161 3331
No. 29, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 11pm (Monday - Friday)
5pm - 11pm (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday)

#ChurpOut Daisy - Thanks for Coming .

I am sorry if it made you feel like
your effort is all wasted,
I dont mean it. :(