Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tong Pak Fu @ Paradigm Mall

Everyone was fussing around with this new dessert shop, posting pictures and pictures of it at Facebook and Instagram.

Since I was at Paradigm Mall, so I was like why not try it out and here I am stepping into this dessert shop called "Tong Pak Fu".

Restaurant Name : Tong Pak Fu
Location : UG K01, Paradigm Mall
Operating Hour : 10am - 10pm (Sunday - Saturday)
Website :

The utilities was very nicely placed on the tray after we have placed our order. Its all shiny and brand new. * LOLx *

Well, I seriously cant wait for the lip-spanking dessert.

We had this yellowish thingy called the "Creme Brulee". Its like vanilla custard and top with a thin layer of hard caramel. And the unique thing is having the bowl brushed with vanilla seed before putting the vanilla custard. We literally asked the service crew what was the black thingy at the bottom and it was very nice of her for explaining.

Dont get me wrong, I am not a big fan of Creme Brulee, simply because it is made up of custard. So I had only one scoop and thats all. It was very creamy but sort of flat. The thin layer of hard caramel gave me a feeling of eating popcorn in the cinema. * LOLx *

Everyone was posting pictures of this mango-ish dessert, so I assumed it was a MUST TRY. This is "Chilled Mango Sago Creme with Pamelo". I personally like mango so anything with mango is fine for me. And this was quite a unique combination between mango and pamelo, but it turned out to be lip-smacking. I would like to have another for my next visit !

The place looks pretty small as it was located in the middle of the walk way. You can see everyone was like sitting next to each other. The table next to us was like 2-inches away, so imagine how small the place is and it managed to accommodate a lot of dessert lover.

Being at Paradigm Mall is not such a good experience, the artsy fartsy design of it is not friendly at all. I seriously have no idea where I was, everywhere looks different, Paradigm Mall managed to confused me, like seriously !!
Ambiance : The place was located right in the middle of no where and it was quite pack at that moment, so not so much a quiet place to chill out.
Service :
Service crew was very attentive and helpful, when we were asking for more information on the dessert.
Price :
Price of the food was quite pricy tho, well I dont expect desert to go up to RM 10 per serving.
Food Presentation : The food presentation was undeniably nice and delicate.
Food Taste : Food tastes nice but not that remarkable for the price I am paying, I like the mango dessert tho.

Pushing too hard or simply too chill out ?