Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) @ Sunway Pyramid

It was indeed a incredible movie of the month. * THUMBS UP !! even spidey is not a competition for it *

I am lucky enough to get to watch it before the official release date of it, all thanks to Nuffnang !!


Title : The Dark Knight Rises
Director : Christopher Nolan
Cast : Christian Bale, Anna Hathaway and more
Genre : Superhero Action

Dark knight rises is the continuation of the previous dark knight movie in 2008 which was ended with the death of Harvey Dent.

After the death of Harvey, Gotham city citizen made him the hero of the city and even created a law naming after Dent as the truth of Dent`s death is yet to be known by the citizen. Even batman has disappeared from Gotham, so does Bruce Wayne, locked inside Wayne Manor.

Wayne Enterprise invested in the energy project, but the project was shut down as it has the risk of becoming a nuclear device. Therefore Bruce Wayne started to learn that Bane, who claim himself as the League of Shadow has his eye on the nuclear device in destroying the peace in Gotham.

Batman resurface to confront Bane, with the help of Selina Kyle in finding him. Unfortunately he wasnt a match for Bane and ended up severely injured and was sent to a prison from which escape is impossible.

With disappearance of Bruce Wayne aka Batman in Gotham, Bane lured all the policemen to the underground and set off an explosion in trapping all of them under it, turning Gotham into an isolated city. Bane tried to take over Gotham city with his terrorism, creating a chaos in the city. Anyone that attempt to go against it would be placed into a trial that will be given the choice between death or "exile".

Meanwhile, Brune Wayne successfully escape from the prison and Batman returned to Gotham. He got help from Selina, Gordan, Blake and Fox in stopping the fusion bomb. The second confrontation with Bane, makes things complicated when someone surprisingly turned out to the heiress of Talia al Ghul, which is the person behind everything...


What are you waiting for ? * faster faster *

Grab a ticket and watch the plot twisting movie in the big screen NOW !!

Other than watching Batman coming in action, you would get to catch this cute policeman, John Blake in action too. * just FYI, he is a cop in the movie !! Phewitt *

Batman has been my all time favourite superhero movie. I am not sure what the reason I like it so much, perhaps it because it consist a lot of action and with all the techy vehicles and gadgets that attracted me. This Dark Knight Rises movie is not an exception to that, it impressed me with all the actions and gadgets. There was a new vehicle in this movie with the name of "Bat" which can move literally moved like a bat, flying here and there. The story has a plot twisting ending, that was really out of my expectation. I would highly recommend you to watch this, comparing to other superhero movie that was release earlier. * movie that shouldnt be named.. but it has some weby stuff LOLx *

* I like the movie so much *

Action : Pack with actions and fights between Batman and Bane
Storyline : It has a plot twisting ending in finding out who is the culprit behind everything
Humor : Nothing much humorous, well its a superhero movie, what do you expect.
Emotion : Not so much of lovey-dovey, again its superhero movie !!

Favourite superhero tagline : "Gotham City needs a hero."

Anyone can be the hero
All we need is just a hero to look up to