Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pay or Passion ?

Growing up is a norm to everyone, a stage that everyone will somehow undergo it whether you like it or not. And working is nothing exceptional to the case of growing up. Everyone would eventually have to step into the working environment.

There was once a person told me that,
"If you like what you are doing, then you wouldnt consider that as work".

Well a lot of people has been saying this too, nothing really new and inspirational. But lately only I get to understand what it really meant, after I have attended my internship at some company.

I would like to propose a question to be pondered before going any further,

"Are you doing it because of the pay or its your passion ?"
To be honest, I did my internship there was mainly because of the pay. The pay was quite high for an intern like seriously and plus my job scope is, as a programmer. Well I have been liking programming classes at my university, I personally find it interesting and challenging. It gave me a feeling like solving a mathematical problem, which you would be thinking of it all day long if you couldnt solve it.

But working as a programmer is whole lot different story, you will be entering the office in the morning and sitting on your individual typical office chair with your monitor screen right in front of you all day long till the clock strike 5pm. I thought I would be fine with that working environment, unfortunately not at all, like really not at all. I couldnt even stand sitting in the office for the following weeks, and has been anticipating for my last day basically since the first day I am there !! I know it sounds absurd but thats the truth. Everyday of my internship, I will be entering the office, sitting on my own typical ergonomic office chair, facing the monitor waiting for new task to be assigned to me, downloading the files, writing the logic according to the requirements which basically is more or less the same, and submission of the edited files. The whole process will go on and on till I am off from work. Maybe because I was an intern, so my job scope was pretty much limited to this area, but even if thats the case, it turned out to be a total annoyance to me.

I have been hating my work since the first week, anticipating to finish up my internship as soon as possible. That is simply because I am not a routine person that will stick up to the programmer working environment. Dont get me wrong, I like programming, I dont mind doing it, I could even excel in it but my passion is not in programming. Therefore for the whole 3 months, I didnt enjoy my job simply because I was there for the pay instead of my passion.

The thing I really dont like is not having much face-to-face communication between each other (i.e. programmer). All they rely on is the Office Communicator to talk, even to the person beside you. Come on like seriously, cant you just turn around and verbally talk to that person instead of typing ? Its so pathetic. The place was so dead and quiet, that even a needle drop would catches everyone`s attention immediately.
Some would disagree with me, saying that is a what an office should be, but I dont believe in having computer as our middle man for communication, unless they are like miles apart. Probably because I seriously dont like my job, thats why everything looks disastrous to me.

The same person told me that,
"Passion will eventually draw the pay you desire to you."
Or in other words, you will find way to get paid when you are passionate about what you are doing. Cheeser found her way in fashion blogging which is something that she is passionate about, and plenty of fashion brands paid her for advertorial blog post. And now she is where she is by doing what she is passionate about. There is nothing as you are unfortunate because you have no talent or choice in life to do the things you are passionate about. If you have the passion, you will definitely work your way out.

Therefore do something that your passion is, and you will eventually work your way out. I am grateful for having a person to advise me in this way, and now I am doing something I like, tho I am still in the midst of completing it but the contentment I am feeling is indescribable.

P.S. Thank you so much.

I started to know that is not about the endurance at all
Thank you