Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pancake House @ Mid Valley

It has been a while that I have the crave for Pancakes and Waffles, with all the maple syrup all over it and a few slices of banana on it. Yum YUM !!!

I tried making pancakes at home but it doooeeeesnt turn out to be that amazing, so I guess its time for me to eat out instead of trying it at home. * ROFL *


Image credit to Everydayfoodilove.co
* I forgotten to take picture of the restaurant from the outside, too busy with my food >.< *

Restaurant Name : Pancake House
Location : Level 1, Center Court of Mid Valley
Operating Hour : 10am - 10pm (Sunday - Saturday)

Just to satisfy my crave, I ordered the Caramel Banana Walnut Pancake.

Its the pancake with chunks of walnuts, topped with banana slices and caramel syrup.

The Pancake came with a small cup of white-ish syrup. I am guessing that is caramel syrup or some sort, but I still prefer to have my pancake with honey instead. * nom nom nom *

On top of everything, there was scoop of ice-cream look alike cream butter nicely placed on top. I thought it was vanilla ice-cream at the beginning, but was really surprise to know that they made the cream butter into a scoop that looks pretty much like ICE-CREAM !!

The thing that I like about Pancake House simply because it much affordable comparing to the other Pancake restaurant. Dont get me wrong, other pancake restaurant does serve fluffy and subtle pancake but it comes with a price too. This average looking restaurant serves the most authentic pancake, tho it aint as fluffy as the others but the best part is having a scoop of ice-cream look alike cream butter on top of it. By looking at the presentation of it, it has already made me drool. On top of that, there aint many people in the restaurant, so you dont have to wait for like an hour or half for your food. >v<

Something absurd happened when I was dining at there. The story goes like this...

I wanted warm water, but apparently they serve no warm water, so I asked for mineral water to be poured on cup and heat it up. Guess what the service crew did ?

She literally HEATED UP THE MINERAL WATER IN THE BOTTLE for me. I was like #wtH, seriously ?!! Logically you would know to pour the water on a glass then only heat it up isnt it, but she "amazed me" !!
Ambiance : A small and cozy place located in Mid Valley, if you need privacy, they have seats in the cafe, else you can enjoy the view of people walking the mall by dining at the seats outside of the cafe.
Service :
Service crew was surprisingly "SMART". They literally microwaved the bottle of mineral of water for me, just to get me warm water. #WTH.
Price :
The price was pretty affordable in the range of RM 6 - RM 10, for the pancakes and waffles.
Food Presentation :
Very delicate and beautifully served. The caramel syrup was very evenly poured.
Food Taste : The pancake was very fluffy and yummy eating with the scoop of cream butter. Thumbs UP !!
P.S. Despite of the warm water thingy, I like the food here much.

Everything come with a price
I wonder have you ever regret.