Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MTV World Stage 2012 @ Sunway Surf Beach

When everything seem hopeless and all, knowing that all my friends got their invites to the MTV World Stage 2012 this coming sat. Honestly I was pretty and kind of jealous too.

I tried joining the MTV game but the sucky internet at my area turned out to be an disadvantage to me. By the time I get to load the page, the blocks has gone all the way down, and I am guess someone from somewhere has already got the tickets for the round. * epic failure in playing games *

I joined the contest running at eCentral-The Star Online Entertainment Channel in giving out MTV World Stage tickets. * It was pretty a desperate move for me *

Frankly speaking, I was just simply sending in my entry with the hope of only a slight, and slimmest chance of winning. * ahahahaha *

The contest was more of creating a caption for this image :-

" Tell us what this astronaut is thinking as he eats Twisties on the moon! "
My caption was : " The twisted Twisties is twisting my tongue in saying the tongue twister in the twistiest Twisties way ! " * it was just what I have in mine at that moment, pretty suckky huh =( *
Truthfully, after submission I dont even remember anything of it. I thought maybe this time I wasnt that lucky to win any tickets anymore. ROFL.


Today, I got an email in replying on my entry saying that....

I am one of the WINNER for the contest !!!!!!

I am all set to catch Justin Bieber going "If I was your boyfriend....." * super duper high *

Besides, Jae Park, KARA and Mizz Nina are there to party rocking the MTV World Stage too !!

I simply miss the time I attended JB concert in April 2011. Baby, baby, baby,ohhhh

Mark your calendar and set your alarm so you dont miss it !!! * woohooooo *

P.S. Big Fat Thanks to eCentral, Twisties Malaysia, & Text 100 - Global Public Relation for the awesome invites !!!

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