Friday, July 13, 2012

MTV World Stage 2012 by Twisties @ Sunway Surf Beach

Its the MTV World Stage 2012 tickets !!!

At last, my tickets are in my hand. All thanks to Twisties Malaysia for the awesome invites !!

Other than having the invites, I got myself some Twisties merchanise too.

2 brand new flavour of Twisties

1 Twisties Tee

and alsoooooo

1 Twisties Lanyard * like it so much *

Its pure luck that I get so much things in one shot. * yippie *

After all the hardwork in trying to get myself a ticket to MTV World Stage, I wouldnt be able to attend it. #epicDepression

Anyway, have fun to all those who are going to the MTV World Stage 2012 which will be happening tomorrow.

The entrance door opens at 3:30pm tho its only starting at 6:15pm, so be early to grab yourself a nice spot to spot all the happening artist on stage ya !! =)

Perhaps its nice that I am not going cause we literally have to be there freaking 3 hours early for it. And plus with the artist which will be coming in an hour late for it. So have fun standing and waiting... * ROFL *

Do me a favor by screaming for Justin Bieber as loud as you can !! * Wowowowww *

P.S. Cant wait to catch Dark Knight Rises with Nuffnang.

Still counting on every footstep