Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mae Nak (2012)

It has been quite a while since the last time I watch horror film in the cinema.

And here comes Mae Nak, the most famous Thai ghost legend to feed your horror film desire. * boo *

hold your horses, if you ever think of watching it in the cinema.

Title : Mae Nak
Director : Chotipan Nitiwat, Rangsiroi Panpeng
Language : Thai
Duration : 100 minutes
Genre : Thai Horror

This ghost story originated from a legend, a pretty famous legend in Thailand. I am not sure how famous it is in Thailand, but honestly I have never heard of it here.

The story kicks started with the love story of this two youngster in the Prakanong River. Mak was a very tough boxer in the village, while Nak was the prettiest girl that all men dreamed of having. They fell in love and got married at Prakanong River.

One day Nak discovered that she was pregnant with Mak`s child, unfortunately not long after that Mak was summoned to join the army at Bangkok, leaving both of the wife and unborn child in the village. After months of pregnancy, Nak was about to deliver the baby and she died with the unborn child in the process of it. The villagers didnt cremate her body, hoping that Mak would be back soon to have a last look of his dead wife.

Nak spirit has been haunting the villagers all along, no one dares to get near to her house at all. After Mak returned from the army, he went back home looking for Nak, not knowing that Nak has passed away, until he smelled something wrong with Nak. Then only the villagers break the news to him. Mak approached Nak`s spirit asking her to let go of everything, so she could be reborn. He even made promises to her saying that he would be a monk, so that she will be his one and only wife in his life and also the next life. After meeting Mak for the last time, Nak left.

There was a part where Nak spirit came back for revenge as the tok guru in the village took the unborn child from Nak in her grave, and burned the child for some curse or spell. She killed everyone that was involved with the spell. * not sure why this part came in last, just right before she met Mak *

What are you waiting for ? This movie ? Oh-my GOD !!! * epic failure >~< *

"Thank you for bringing me to such "incredible" horror movie !! I feel the earlier Mae Nak was better, more horrifying. This is seriously bad."- (Lavinia)

Honestly speaking, this is the worst horror movie that I have ever watched. I have watched quite a lot of horror movie and to be honest this is serious crap. This feel pretty much like a romantic movie rather than a horror movie. First of all, the sense of horror is not in it, there was only like maybe one or two parts where the ghost was kind of scary. Other than that, it gives me a feeling that they are just trying to make everything 3D. They focused too much on the 3D part and left out the whole story of it. The storyline has been very confusing at the beginning, especially the part, where Pleung (Mak`s competitor for Nak) asking for help from tok guru in making Nak his wife. The spell still goes on even after Nak is dead with the unborn child. It doesnt really make sense at all, I am not sure I suck in understanding it or they suck in delivering it. Its just total waste of time, if you want to make a horror film, focus on the horrifying part man ! Despite the acting skill of the actors are excessively dramatic, the sense of humour included in it doesnt even make sense. * just do me a favor, dont watch it in the cinema, its total crap *
Dont be fooled by the poster and waste your time in watching. There is some horror film has the most horrifying poster on earth but the story sucks big time, well guess what this is one of it !
Storyline : Pretty stupid and boring. Doesnt portray the element of a horror movie.
Humor : They have included some sense of humor which is not relevant to the movie at all.
Emotion :
Excessively dramatic respond in the actors and not horrifying at all.
P.S. Epic failure of Thai horror film.
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Or you leave then Im someone`s else