Friday, July 27, 2012

Kimchi Korean Restaurant @ Tropicana City Mall

The Running Man series has been always make me crave for Korean food. It made me drool by just watching it. * ROFL *

So at last I get to feed my yearn for korean food at Kimchi Korean Restaurant before catching the movie, "Mae Nak (2012)".


Restaurant Name : Kimchi Korean Restaurant
Location : Tropicana City Mall
Operating Hour : 10am - 10pm (Sunday - Saturday)

While waiting for our order, we were served with 6 different side dishes, this is the thing I like the most with korean food !! Because every side dishes are refillable, you can eat and eat till you puke !! * wowww *

Usually the side dishes vary depending on the restaurant, some comes with more than 6 side dishes but some has only 3. The content varies too, but most of it will definitely have kimchi as the side dish, well its a korean must have food, so it explains.

Lavinia ordered this Sizzling Chicken, which is spring onion chicken with rice. It came along with a small bowl of rice, but it will be just nice for you to eat with the sizzling chicken, we didnt even finish it. * pretending to me a small eater LOLx *

I am sort of surprise to see salad in the dish. It feels more like a western dish, rather than korean. HahaHAH.. Maybe it was just for beautifying the dish, adding some color to it. xD

Korean pancake is a must when you are dining at Korean restaurant. We had Kimchi Jeon, the traditional korean kimchi pancake at there, and it tasted as yummy as it appeared.

The pancake would taste kinda plain but I feel it is just nice for me. If it is plain, you can try eating it with the sesame chili sauce came along with it. Lavinia said it wasnt that spicy at all, but I dare not to try cause it really looks spicy and oily tho.

Maybe you can try eating with a slice of kimchi with the pancake so that it will not be plain. Thats what I usually do. HahaHAHA.

Ambiance : The restaurant is very nice for a bunch of friend to gather and chit-chat.
Service : Service crew is very attentive and friendly.
Price : Affordable and reasonable for Korean food.
Food Presentation :
The presentation was very beautiful and appealing.
Food Taste : The food was cooked to perfection, just that the chicken was quite spicy. Maybe my tolerance level was quite low.

Let me end the post with a picture of us.

Thank you for spending time with me. It was awesome spending quality time with you, my dear. ♥

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