Friday, July 13, 2012

How to treat dry & dehydrated skin ?

Do you have problem like having dry or dehydrated skin ?

I personally do have that problem when I am ...

Burning the midnight oil for work.

Being under the sun for a long period.

With so much work and UV ray lately, how to treat your dry & dehydrated skin ?

Here is some tips to keep your skin moisturized and silky smooth. * doink doink *

#1. Put on sunblock before going out

It would act like a protection to your skin against the strong UV ray from the sun. So water will not be lost so easily even when you are playing under the sun. * hehehe *

#2. Go for a moisturizing facial

Pamper your skin for a facial once in a while. It would really help your skin to be more radiant and moisturized. To get a forever young look, you do need to pamper it once in a while.

Plus you can get help from the beautician on taking care of your skin too. I am sure they will give advice based on your skin condition, so you dont have to keep on trying on differently product blindly. * >.< *

#3. Apply baby oil frequently

Wonder how baby skin is so smooth all the time ? Well cause they sleep early and mommy would apply baby oil for them regularly. The baby oil would trap the water lost from your skin so it will be dry-free 24/7 !

You could even add oil to your bath. By soaking first, your skin gets plumped up by the water, then by adding the oil, it will seal in the absorbed moisture

#4. Apply lotion then

If you are not a big fan of making your skin feel oily, then try lotion. It has the medicine to simply to smooth, re-hydrate, and soften the skin.

#5. Drink water regularly

Nothing better than the most traditional way of treating dry & dehydrated skin, which is to drink at least 8 glasses of water every single day !

So now with this little tips, I am sure you can say goodbye to dry and dehydrated skin. * shoo fly *


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