Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How I Step Up With Nuffnang

Dear Ted,

You were the most romantic person I ever met. You stole a blue French horn for me on our very first date. * yeah i got the line from HIMYM LOL * Since the day we get together, you have been doing a lot of romantic stuff for me.

The one that I remember and like it the most was the wedding proposal you did for me. Once again, you touched my heart deeply till I could still remember every tiny little details of the day you proposed.

It all started as you bring me out for movie, like usual. I felt weird as we entered the hall because people stared at us like one kind, they literally stopped and stared.

Before the movie started, there was advertisement as usual, and when you said you are going to the loo after we entered the hall, I didn’t pay much attention to it, but now I realize the purpose of it. HahaHAH.

Out of the blue, there was a woman standing up and started to sing Taylor Swift – Love Story. I was like “Whats wrong with her?”. As she was singing, more and more people joined in, even people sat around us started to sing along with the song.

See that woman with a white dress and red belt, she was the one who will start the singing. Well I can see how excited she was. xD

Frankly speaking, I literally stoned for a second not knowing what have happened. As the song comes to an end, there were pictures coming out of the screen, it was a picture of us on the big screen and the flash crowd started to move towards the stage making a pathway from the stage. Suddenly, you came out from the stage slowly holding a bouquet of flower on your hand and walking towards me.

Now this is the part where everyone was singing the "Put A Ring On It" song. ♥

The minute you kneel on the ground and pull out a ring and sang the part “Marry Me, Juliet, you never have to be alone, I love you…” What you have done really put me into tears, and all I can said was nothing but “YES”. Everything didnt stop after I have said yes, indeed another song was played, Beyonce - Put A Ring On It and the flash crowd started to dance along with it too. That was the very first time, you put a ring on me, saying that I am yours.

The reason I am writing to you because, for this one time, I would like to step up and take the responsibility in what have happened. I am sorry that I lied. Lately I have been stepping up with Nuffnang for quite a while. We have been going out for late night movie screenings and events together behind your back, to be honest I thought there was a spark between us, but then I realized it was just the excitement being with someone young and new. The so called 'spark' we had was merely nothing comparing to what I have for you.

* im not sure what does my stepping up with Nuffnang means, haha guess I just wanna fit the word into the letter HahahAH *

I am truly sorry for tearing what we have apart.

P.S. I love you. xoxo



Hows the flash mob idea ?

Well, I would like to organize my flash mob at a concert !!

How about the upcoming Big Bang Concert in Oct ? And I will do a flash mob on Bieber`s song, "Love Me". * ROFL * I am sure by then everyone will be either thrown with eggs and flour or being chased out of the stadium by all the die hard fans of Big Bang. *>.< not a good idea *

Here is my favourite flash mob of all time and it was my very first time watching flash mob in youtube.

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