Sunday, July 15, 2012

Farewell @ Sakae Sushi, Timesquare

It has been quite a while since the last time I had sushi.

And this time, I am taking Sakae Sushi for my cousin sister`s farewell dinner.
She will be studying abroad pretty soon, in less than 1 month time. All the best ya !!
* tho I aint a big fan of Sakae Sushi, preferable Zanmai Sushi XD *

Its my first time taking Inari with Kanimayo in it. Apparently it was a "Thumbs UP". * LOL *

Ewwww... Its Jellyfish. * My cousin sista favourite dish >.< *

It was put in a small bowl on the normal red plate, still it gives me a feeling it was remarkably little.

Among all, she is the closest cousin sister I have, and we have a lot of childhood memories together, cause we were like close buddy when we were young. I remember playing Lego, Power Rangers, PS2 games with you and we had so much fun together. I used to envy how good and skillful you were when you are playing "role-playing" game like Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear Solid, its like I can even get the thrill watching you playing it. Hahaahah. So much have changed, now that you and I have grown up, and you are going to further your study abroad very soon, still that doesnt draw the memories apart. Wish you all the best, and im gonna miss you much.. ♥
P.S. Get well soon.
Perhaps I just want to have the thought
Even if it was just a lie