Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Brave Movie Screening @ e-Curve

Thank you to Nuffnang for the movie tickets to watch ….


The movie of Brave is a story about this girl with freezy red hair by the name of Merida, who wanted to draw her own path in life.

King Fergus * Merida`s father *

Queen Elinor* Merida`s mother *

She was quite a tomboy who likes archery when her mother, Queen Elinor tries her very best to mould her to be a decent, well-mannered princess in her kingdom, but still Princess Merida behaves like a boy.

When the time comes, Queen Elinor decided that Princess Merida should get marry with the strongest of the 3 princes coming from a different kingdom. However Merida felt that she is not ready for marridge and non of the prince is up to her expectation.

After having a fight with her mother, Merida ran all the way to the forrest and came across a cottage with a witch living in it. She gave away her necklace and bought a spell in return. A spell that could change her mother. Queen Elinor ate the muffin given by Merida thinking that it was something that she did to make it up for the mess earlier. In no time, Queen Elinor turned into a bear.

As Queen Elinor and Merida ran all the way back to forest to search for antidote for the spell. Unfortunately, the witch was out for vacation !! * wth, on vacation ? hahaha * And the spell on Queen Elinor will be permanent after the second sunrise, so before it comes they have to “Mend the broken ones”.

Spending some quality time together make both of them understand the situation each other is undergoing all this while. At the end, they come to an understanding that…

The Triplets * Merida`s cute little brothers *

They are just simply so into bread. * Hahaha * In the movie you can see them trying to steal bread from the kitchen. By the end, all of them would turn into baby bears too !!

Faith is in our hand.

Brave is a movie that convey a lot of moral values indeed, but somehow I feel it`s storyline is pretty much like Shrek 4. Its like he has a spell to turn back time, but at the end of the day he realize how ungrateful he was earlier, hoping to turn back time. But in Brave, Merida hope that her mother would change, and she literally changed into a BEAR !!

Storyline : The story is quite similar to Shrek 4
Sense of Humor : Was LMAO throughout the movie, so what do you think ? ahaha
Animation : Apparently it`s more a 3D movie

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