Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hi-Tea @ The Teapot Cafe, SS2

Anyone looking for fancy hi-tea restaurant but yet CHEAP ?

The Teapot Cafe at SS2 

is the right spot for you.

I dont say it is cheap but it is quite affordable and I personally feel it worth each penny you paid.

Apparently the Teapot restaurant literally makes you feel like being in a TEAPOT.

The decoration there are amazing, I wonder where did they get so many different looking teapot and who has ever thought of decorating the restaurant with and naming it as TEAPOT. too !!

* It is incredible, perfectly done. Excellanto~*

We had the tea for two set which includes

#1. a pair of scone

Apparently they are quite popular with the scone as it only takes 30 mins for the newly baked scone disappear from the tray. You can see people ordering scone and taking it away too.

Well, their scone is undeniably delicate and delicious (D&D).

Any scone will not taste nice without the GOD LIKE whipped-cream butter * idk what the ingredient is but it does taste like a mixture of whipped cream and butter *

The SPECIAL BUTTER and Jam are the best combination in enjoying the scrumptious scone in Teapot. * it literally made you feel like you are floating in the air with the best pastry you have ever had * I know I am being such a drama queen but that is TRUE !!

#2. a slice of cake

You can choose any slice of cake from the menu and it also depending on the availability of the cake on that day.

I had the cheese cake which was just so so. Cant blame the cake, cause I aint a big fan of cheese cake !! =(

But on my second visit, I had the Red Velvet Cake and it was ….


I can say even Red Velvet Cupcake in Delicious has to step aside !!

The cheese on the cake came in with the right portion and the cake itself was moist enough that doesnt make your throat screaming for water.

Now speaking about it, it literally made me drool. xD

#3. a plate of Sandwiches

The sandwiches was just normal homemade sandwiches.

So I shall skip this part and jump to the last part.

#4. a Teapot of Tea

There are variety of tea available in the menu that you can choose from.

If I am not mistaken, their tea aint any Teh Boh you can get from supermarket but it was all imported.

Regardless of how many different variety of tea available, my all time favourite is still

Earl Grey

I like earl grey simply because it was refreshing. The usual earl grey you get from supermarket, makes you go so so, but Teapot`s Earl Grey makes you crying for more !!

* I dont mind sitting at there for the whole day with bottomless Earl Grey xD *

I dont know how to put the taste in words but it was much more refreshing than it usually is. It actually taste nice and smooth, it`s like flowing down your throat effortlessly.

The best part of all is that all of it cost only….

RM 19.90 !!

* not even more than 20 bucks you can get such fancy tea set WOOOHOOO *

In short, Teapot at SS2 is REMARKABLE.

Other fancy cafe with tea set is way way out of my list, and now

“Only Teapot is my pot of tea.”

* I am ♥-ing it muaxxx *

Address :-
in the row of shops behind the SS2 police station.
169, Jalan SS 2/24,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor.169 Jalan SS 2/24
47300 Petaling Jaya, Taman Sea, Malaysia

Tel : 03-7875-3024

Business Hour :-
Monday - Saturday : 12noon – 6.30pm,
Sunday and Public Holiday : Closed

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everything will work as long as you are calm