Saturday, July 28, 2012

My ♥-ly Roomies

It has been approximately 1 year or more than that, I have been staying with them.

It was my pleasure to spend my time with them. They were so entertaining and always there to crack a joke to cheer each other up. They look stern and serious most of the time, if you never get to know them in person.

Do you still remember the time we….

had our Karaoke Session

* Lets sing our lung out !! WOOOhoOO *

They are such a good singer. We literally sing non stop for the happy hour, you cant imagine how noisy was the karaoke room. * WOOOOoooo *

My favourite song Lady Gaga- Bad Romance

Happy 20th Birthday to Erra

This birthday celebration was filled with fun and anger. Yes I wrote Fun & Anger.

Wonder how this works ? It all started with a well-planned silly fight between Aemy and Erra on a bottle of water. Aemy purpose trigger a fight with Erra on her birthday just to have a surprise party for her.

The Anger part is when Aemy purposely scolded Erra for using her bottle of water to make coffee. By just thinking of it, it is quite silly to have two person fighting over a bottle of water. It was just a 500ml Mineral Water. As it was almost 7pm, and we have no idea what to plan for Erra, so Aemy spontaneously came out with such plan. * Lolx *

The Fun part is when Asna and I have to pretend as tho we know nothing and try to instigate more misunderstanding between Erra and Aemy. Well, as you know I cant act properly, but lucky thing Erra didnt realize my flaws. * HaHahA *

At least our effort wasnt wasted at all, Erra was astonished and broke into tears for our so called “SURPRISE PARTY”

let jot down Our Footstep at Malacca

* Eat ur way through the Jonker St *

We drove all the way to Malacca for our semester break holiday.

It was awesome going for a day trip with them, we were laughing and making jokes throughout the journey. Walking at Jonker St together with a bunch of junk food all the way we walked.

Happy 21st Birthday to Asna

* Be quiet we are lighting the cake in the kitchen.. Shhh *

It was amazing celebrating Birthday for my friends.

To celebrate Asna Birthday, Erra and I have to sneak into our apartment itself so that Asna will not know we bought a cake for her. While Aemy is in-charge of borrowing lighter from Asna !! How comical it is that, we have to ask for lighter from the Birthday Girl herself. * LOLx *

As you know, Aemy has an amazing skill of lying and faking it. So we have no worries for her in asking for lighter, somehow or someway she will come out with an excuse to ask for it !! * Well Done!! * As expected, she never disappoint us. Since the lighter and cake are on our hand, we shall light up the candle at the kitchen so Asna will not be aware of it.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

It was the best time I had as a university student that will be in my memory throughout my life. If I could turn back time I would definitely want to spend more time with you guys.

You cant blame me for leaving
When you werent even there for me