Friday, July 20, 2012

My Chinese New Year Tumblr Design

Starbucks Malaysia has organized a tumblr designing contest in conjunction with the dragon year.

As a fan of Starbucks Malaysia how could I miss out such opportunity. *wink wink*

After a few days of designing and coloring, here is the product of it. *I dont know why I used such a long time tho*.

Are you ready ?

#createyourowntumbler Design #1 :

The idea of this design is like a dragon emerging from water with the light glowing from the dragon itself. I got the idea from the standard starbucks tumblr which has the logo in the middle, so instead of the logo, I replaced it with the dragon, since it is a year of dragon.

The thing I like about this design is the whole idea is being centralized. It is so focused with all the light converging into the middle where the dragon is.

The lower part should look something like water splashing but my skill of colouring is not good enough, so now it looks more like cloud than water. * ~.~ *

#createyourowntumbler Design #2 :

Well, happy wishes come in smaller packet too. These tiny little baby dragons are here to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year. The idea is like having a lot of people wishing you a prosperous new year. The more the wishes, the merrier it is.

With this design,there will have a different dragon on each side with a red packets.

Visit here for more info on the contest

wishing everyone a
Happy Chinese New Year 2012

P.S. I have my finger crossed in this contest. * wish me luck *