Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lunch @ Street Cafe, SS15

Having a lunch with new friends was cool, tho it was kinda awkward as I am so blur all the way throughout the conversation.

Still manage to catch a bit and laugh as the flow.

Pang, Sherrin, few new friends and I had lunch at this restaurant called …

Street Cafe @ SS15
It is a Korean restaurant who serves the meal in a form of Bento

This is the Tuna Kimchi Mixed Vege Rice

It was served on a bowl that can literally preserve heat lost *I have no idea what material is that*

I am telling you that, you can see smoke coming out of the scoop of rice even after you have taken the 10th scoop !! *how cool is that*

I was told that, we have to mix the rice with chopstick before eating instead of the spoon. *maybe that is to preserve the heat and as well as to mix it thoroughly *

The pot of rice stuffed my stomach with no empty spaces for dessert at all. And it all only cost RM 11.90

Btw, you can even listen to Korean Pop songs and do song request while eating at there. I was listening to all TVXQ songs all the while. =)

Feel free to drop by and try this Korean Restaurant. It is located right opposite of Taylor University at SS15

P.S. And Chatime is opening soon at SS15 too !!

I jest couldnt make up the story spontaneously
I`m sorry