Monday, August 12, 2019

Upgradus launched in Asia But Does It Work ?

What if there was an option to upgrade your Hotel room stay at a heavily discounted rate ? Well with the launch of this new service in Asia called Upgradus ... You may actually get a fabulous suite at a fraction of its original cost.

Designed to act as the communicator between the customer and hotel, Upgradus is a free online service that allows hotel stayers, at any hotel in the world, to show an interest in an upgraded room at a heavily discounted rate.

The service allows hotels to offer upgrades direct to their guests in advance, during the ‘silent period’ between booking and arrival. This allows the customer to spend time on a full consideration of the offer in private, without the embarrassment of a public discussion at check-in. Think of it like  the Optiontown service offered by some airlines but for hotel rooms.

Customers simply log on, type in where and when they are staying and then Upgradus gets to work. It contacts the hotel, lets them know a customer is interested, and if the hotel wants to offer a heavily discounted upgrade just before the stay because the room is still empty, they can. The customer can then choose to accept or decline the offer before they arrive, paying at the hotel as normal, so the process remains the same and everyone is happy.

Now the question is does it really work? and will the offer prices be worth it to the customer? Well the boss RD really loves his stay-cations in Kuala Lumpur,  And has graciously volunteered to test the service by booking a night stay at Le Méridien KL via the Marriott bonvoy app.

Here's how the Upgradus dashboard looks like, the Email address and booking dates have been blocked out for privacy. Now lets see if we get an offer! Also do note that Upgradus does not seem to have an app in the Malaysian Apple app store or Google Play.

For information the service visit

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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Citizen's the NY009 series

Crafted from stainless steel, the new metal bracelets of the NY009 series give the watches all their advantages. Aside from the obvious benefit of being resistant to water, metal bracelets are also more convenient and secure when putting on and taking off the watch. Additionally, the metal bracelet imparts a rugged look to the watches, fitting well with their ability to accompany their owners on all types of adventures.

The series comes in a choice of four vintage inspired styles with colours that recall the early history of diving. Without doubt, the highlight of the collection is the S.E.A. Limited Edition (NY0099-81X) with just 1,989 pieces made. This watch comes with a mesmerizing green dial and green bezel, and unlike the other watches, has an additional detail of having black numerals against a white background in the day-date window. Only available in South East Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. This will surely make that BF extremely happy.

Don't fancy green check out the other three models that will have a black dial, but with different colors of the aluminium bezel insert. The NY0090-86E with a black bezel is certainly the classic choice, while the NY0091-83E with a wine red bezel and the NY0098-84E with a blue bezel are for those who want a splash of colour with a decidedly vintage vibe. Of special note for the black (NY0090-86E) and wine red (NY0091-83E).

From SGD 497.55 /  RM 1,490.00 to SGD 663.40 / RM 1,990.00. I would say that this would be a perfect upgrade from the usual Daniel wellington's. To check out the full specs and styles visit

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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Cole Haan's Generation ZEROGRAND

Generation ZEROGRAND is Cole Haan's new sneakers line and its totally fabulous. This new collection is inspired by the new generation, crafted to empower the audience to stand up, step out and leave their unique mark on the world.

Cushioned with Cole Haan's proprietary Grand innovation for ultimate comfort and zonally engineered to maximize airflow and support, the sneaker with Stitchlite pushes materials beyond the limits, making it the perfect fit for the ascendant young professional. But here's the thing although we love the colors and simple design its a little pricey compared to all the high tech innovations and styles offers say by Adidas, Nike or even Puma. At around Rm 800 or more I would think twice.

But then again its your style so you decide.. ! For more on their offerings check their store at pavilion KL or @ColeHaan

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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

H&M drops a Sweetener World Tour Collection

H&M has just released an entire capsule for the Sweetener World Tour Collection, comprising of t-shirts, hoodies, cropped tops, bags and bodysuits that feature lyric quotes as well as the famous album cover photo from Ariana Grande’s latest release.

They say the collection consists of everything that a true fan would  ever need; But after a peek at the pieces available it just feels a little like a pointless cash grab..! USD 24.95 for a plain t-shirt with 2 words really ?

Well you can decide for your self .The collection will be available in-stores from 1 August and is currently available on 

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Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Jo Malone London Gent ft John Boyega

Jo Malone London has just announced their first gent for their brand, London born movie star - John Boyega. With this new partnership, Jo Malone London is here to explore the unexpected and subvert the traditional view of fragrance, luxury and the classic British gentleman. 

His vigour and versatility mirror our scents which always accentuate the surprising and the bold. Whilst known for being a huge presence and personality, Boyega himself values understatement and originality in scent. “Jo Malone London always delivers unexpected and unique ingredient choices and scents: refined but surprising. My life is the same, a subtle contradiction: my job, my profession, and then I still come home to this town, drive around with the radio on, catch a vibe, go to the supermarket. In some ways, everything’s changed, but then again nothing has.”

Boyega’s resume demonstrates his extraordinary skill, from the blockbuster Star Wars franchise to independent breakthrough films like Detroit and Attack the Block, set on a Brixton estate in South London, he brings his own unique approach and vibrant personal stamp to his roles as he will to the Jo Malone London family. @JoMaloneLondonMY

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