Sunday, May 26, 2019

Fenty Beauty # Pro Kiss'R Collection, Lip Balm & Scrubstick

Exfoliating your lips is a necessity, especially in the drier months if you wana maintain that smooth and supple look while rocking your favourite matte lipstick. Many of us tend to skip the lips moisturizing and exfoliating part of our beauty routine with the excuse of it's bulky packaging and it's inconvenient to use. But now, thanks to Rihanna's Fenty Beauty The Pro Kiss'r Collection, you can get kiss-worthy lips anytime, anywhere.

I wonder who comes up with these product names as it seems to be getting longer with every new release.

The Pro Kiss'r Collection features two new products which are the Pro Kiss'r Luscious Lip Balm and Pro Kiss'r Lip-Loving Scrubstick.

Pro Kiss'r Luscious Lip Balm (RM 79 / SGD $ 28) is a creamy moisture-lock lip-balm that smooths, softens and imparts an invisipink sheen for all skin tones and lip tones to prep lips, whether for lipstick application or to be worn alone. It comes with an ultra plush doe-foot applicator that treats lips to an addictive luxe experience with every swipe. The rich yet non-greasy shea and mango seed butters delivers an instant softer, smoother and lipstick-ready lips.

Pro Kiss'r Lip-Loving Scrubstick (RM 70 / SGD $ 25) is a fuss-free lip scrub in a twist-up stick packed with apricot seed scrubbers to gently exfoliate and nourish for instantly smoother and softer lips. Just swipe back and forth over lips, wipe it off and get 'makeout ready' or 'makeup ready' lips anytime, anywhere.

Considering just how minimal yet chic these two products look, now you can exfoliate and nourish in style like Rihanna. So get it now from Sephora before it runs out, because you know Fenty Beauty products are always selling like hot cakes.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Pro Kiss'r Collection will be available online and in store visit @sephoramy  or @sephorasg for more info.

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Saturday, May 25, 2019

3 Things You Didn't Know About Cruelty-Free Fashion

Over the past decade, society at large has become increasingly conscious of how its decisions and consumption have had a negative impact upon the planet and its wildlife.

We’ve ditched plastic bags, we’re eating less meat – the number of vegans in the UK has quadrupled to 600,000 since 2014 – and we’re being more conscious when it comes to fashion and beauty. So when it come to fashion we’ve put together some of the information you need to help you shop more consciously:

Leather, fur and feathers

One of the first things to keep an eye out for when shopping is whether the brands you’re purchasing from, test their products on animals, or whether they use animal products at any stage of the production process.

Leather and exotic skins such as snake or crocodile, for example, have been considered a staple of the fashion industry for several years. According to PETA, leather is one of the worst materials for the environment. It causes similar levels of environmental destruction as the meat industry and pollutes the earth with the chemicals used for tanning.

Thankfully, most major clothing brands offer animal-free leather, fur and feathers today.

Animal testing regulations

Looking at what a garment or beauty product is made of, and its country of origin, is the first step when purchasing your cruelty-free fashion.

One thing you really need to be aware of is the regulations within the country of origin, and also that fashion supply chains can span across the globe. A brand may source their buttons from China, cotton from India, and actually produce the item in Vietnam, for example, in order to find the cheapest options available. If a garment is ‘Made in USA’, that may only mean that the final origin of the product was the USA.

In China it is mandatory to test cosmetics on animals. So even if a beauty brand claims that its products are not tested on animals, this is not the case if their products are sold in China.

If you’re not sure, try using a widely used hashtag like #whomademyclothes to flag up any questions.

Corporate social responsibility

Many companies ensure that their clothing is labelled ‘Fair Trade’, which means that the company making the clothing has pledged to protect farmers’ and production workers’ rights.

Many corporations will also make an effort to spend time on volunteer work, sustainability, and fundraising. Debenhams, for example, have pledged to raise £1 million per year for their charity partners – and they are also vehemently against animal testing.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is how brands deal with their waste. An estimated 235 million items of clothing were sent to UK landfill in 2017, according to a report by Sainsbury’s. Brands like Sainsbury’s and Debenhams are amongst a handful of fashion brands who have pledged to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Ultimately, trying to shop responsibly can be incredibly difficult – but the first step is identifying the brands you trust to behave in a socially responsible way, and go from there.

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Diptyque: Create Your Very Own Personalized Fragrance

Unlike a pair of jeans, there is something about scent that makes it very personal to an individual and space. diptyque, being known for its scented candles understands how scent can trigger memories, calm ones mind or at least make you feel great and confident after that. Candle after candle, they have created an exceptional herbarium of scents, a unique palette of nearly fifty candles. Now you  can combining two flavors of your choice for fragrance for a unique fragrance experience. 

To embark on a journey of senses with diptyque, just choose a candle, then another, to create a unique pairing that is personal to you, and instantly reveal a world of scents, reinventing with each new combination. Along with this, diptyque is introducing two new additions to their diptyque repertoire, Lily and Narguile, which can be enjoyed as a duo or separately. 

Lily recalls a huge bouquet of fresh-cut lilies; a shower of white petals, the green fragrance of sap and leaves, and the delicately spicy accents of the heady flower fill in the air. Whereas the fragrant volutes of Narguile are an instant invitation to travel; a hint of honey, tobacco leaves and a handful of spices permeates the air, inviting you on a journey to a distant land... the East. 

The possibilities are endless, let your emotions be your guide on this journey with @diptyque. 

P.S. And the interplay of fragrant comes with five limited edition gift boxes, that makes a great display on your bookshelves. 

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Thursday, May 9, 2019

The Best Beauty Products to Get Your Mom for Mother’s Day

We get it: beauty gifts are hard. People have incredibly specific preferences (“It’s not brown eyeshadow; it’s copper with a hint of asphalt, with a 60-40 satin-matte ratio”). Some routines can’t be disrupted. And honestly, beauty gifts can often come off as thoughtless (baskets of heavily perfumed bar soaps and candles are the ultimate last-minute gift). But beauty gifts can also be exciting, unique, and useful—we promise! Here are three ideas to blow your mom away this Mother’s Day and keep her looking and feeling radiant all year long..!

GloPro® Microneedling Dermaroller

What if you could instantly supercharge all your mom’s skincare products without making her swap out her entire collection? Get her to level up—and tech up—by gifting her with the GloPRO®, which will make her skin glow with brilliant vitality while adding a welcome touch of modernity to her vanity.

The GloPRO® microneedling tool works by rolling tiny needles onto the skin, creating microscopically imperceptible microchannels and triggering the skin’s natural regeneration response. By doing so, your skin produces fresh, bouncy, healthy cells to produce the appearance of firmness, smoothness, and newfound radiance.

Want a more straightforward explanation for mom? Just tell her the needles create teeny (safe, invisible, and painless) micro-injuries, that allow your skin to produce collagen and new skin formation (basically healing itself).

But why GloPRO®? Mom deserves the best—and GloPRO® not only features surgical-grade stainless steel needles, but also LED red light therapy and pulse stimulation technology, which work in conjunction to activate skin cells, enhance cellular turnover, and stimulate the production of fresh structural proteins. Better yet? Using GloPRO® will help improve the absorption of her serums and creams by up to 200 times (don’t forget to casually dole out this stat to further amaze her).

Why Mom Will Love It:
They say the perfect gift is one the recipient would 100% indulge in but doesn’t consider an absolute necessity (like toothpaste). Mom will love this major skin booster—and it’s something she can tell all her friends about when they inevitably remark on her glowing skin! She’ll eventually consider the GloPRO® an indispensable tool.

Also note: in a GloPRO® consumer perception survey, 90% considered GloPRO® an alternative to fillers. Get your mom the Real Housewives treatment without the recuperation time and within the privacy and comfort of her home.

R45 The Reversal Retinol Cream

Whether your mom is already on the retinol bandwagon or has no idea what it is (and its life-changing benefits), she’ll be moved by your level of attention to detail when you present her with the R45 The Reversal Retinol Cream.

We guarantee your mom hasn’t ever tried a skincare product like R45 The Reversal Retinol Cream. This award-winning, patented, retinol skincare booster system is so powerful it’s only needed twice a year. AND it’s been clinically proven to repair all four benchmarks of aging: skin spots, wrinkles, pores, and skin tone unevenness—all in a single 45-day retinol treatment (49.5% reduction in the appearance of fine lines and deep mechanical wrinkles to be exact!).

On top of that, mom doesn’t need to worry about the telltale side effects of retinol: namely, dryness, flaking, peeling, and redness. That’s because R45 offers increasing concentrations of the proprietary TriGLO™ retinol complex with each phase to ensure your results never plateau.

Why Mom Will Love It:
Ultimately, your mom will love the fact that you’ve finally solved her retinol conundrums. Plus, unlike many retinol treatments, R45 can be used around the eye area, which is a concern for many moms out there. Your mom will also be amused and delighted by the amazing three-in-one pump bottles! A truly unique gift that’s sure to make her glow.

The Radiance Body Oil 

Your mom has always let you shine, and now it’s her turn, too! Give her the gift of dewy, soft skin (without the greasy, tacky feel).

Of all the tons of botanicals out there, there are three that stand out when it comes to nourishing and moisturizing skin: jojoba, olive, and apricot oils. They work in harmony to bathe skin in lush, spa-like hydration, leaving it looking absolutely luminous (sans glitter).

Why Mom Will Love It:
If anyone can appreciate maximum impact with little effort, it’s a mom! The Radiance Body Oil instantly adds an elegant sheen of radiance to the skin, while making it softer and suppler over time. The best part? The oil doesn’t feel, well, oily, and absorbs beautifully and comfortably into the skin so that mom can get on with her day.

Looking for more Mother’s Day beauty gifts that she’ll actually appreciate? Check out the Beauty Bioscience’s gift guide.


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Saturday, May 4, 2019

6 Budget Friendly Ramadhan Buka Puasa Buffets In Klang Valley 2019

Skip the busy Ramadhan bazaars and treat yourself to a Buka Puasa buffet at these budget friendly restaurants and hotels in Klang Valley. Trust us, not only your wallet will be pleased with the pricing and you'll also get the amazing Ramadhan all-you-can-eat spread from appetizers to mains, desserts and also the must-have Kambing Golek! For a double win, check out early bird and last day promotions. 

BoraOmbak Marina Putrajaya Ramadhan Buka Puasa Buffet
More than 80 different variety of dishes from assorted grilled options to Middle Eastern food to the classic Malay kampong dishes, western and also some Asian options too. If you are there from 7 May to 10 May, you can stand a chance to win holiday packages to Aceh, candle light dinner, afternoon tea party, express lunch and breakfast buffet vouchers too.

Price at RM 59.90+ (Adult) and RM 35.90+ (Child). For more info visit @BoraOmbak

Premiera Hotel KL Ramadhan Al Mubarak Buka Puasa Buffet
Kambing Golek, Satay and even Durians are on the menu at Premiere Hotel - and that's just some of the highlights. Go authentic with the lemang and rendang, asam pedas, masak gulai followed by assorted kuih muih or even an ais kacang station, all served to you for under RM100. Definitely one to book just for the experience. 

 Price at RM88 per pax. For more info visit @Premiera Hotel KL
Sime Darby Convention Centre Jalan Jalan Ramadhan Buffet 
As you'd expect from last year's Sime Darby Convention Centre Ramadhan buffet, The Jalan Jalan Ramadhan Buffet has the traditional options, as well as the likes of Japanese sushi, crepes, waffles and many more. Think Nasi Briyani as a main and probably some Mexican churros for dessert. 

Price at RM99+ per person. More info @SimeDarbyConventionCentre

D'Atap Gazebo Ramadhan Steamboat & Grill 
If you are keen for some steamboat and grill this Ramadhan, look no further. With RM49++ per person at D'Atap Gazebo, you'll get to indulge in an array of steamboat dishes and grill that will certainly fix all your steamboat and grill cravings. @SimeDarbyConventionCentre

Ibis KLCC Seenak Warison Ibunda Buffet
Over 180 delicious items with a menu that features authentic dishes from the Northen, Southern and Central regions of Malaysia every week. Starts from 6:30pm to 10:30pm.

Prices at RM98 per pax. More info visit @ibisKLCC

Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam Selera Nusantara Buka Puasa Buffet 
Indulge in a nostalgic Ramadhan Nights at the Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam with over 80 dishes that highlight on local traditional cuisine with Grilled Lamb being the main attraction and a selection of grilled dishes and live action stations to satiate your cravings. Available from 8 May to 2 June 2019

Priced at RM65 nett (Member), RM 78 nett (Adult) and RM 39 nett (Child). For more info visit @KGPA

Cafe D'Istana Jalamas Istana Budaya Ramadhan Buffet
You'd think a Ramadhan buffet can't get any cheaper than RM 50, instead Cafe D'Istana Jalamas Istana Budaya is offering their Ramadhan buffet as cheap as RM 42.90 per adult. The menu sounds as good as any hotels and has plenty of options too - anyone's up for the must have Kambing Golek, Kari Ayam, murtabak, popiah, tofu bakar, grilled chicken or fish ? For dessert, we're already eyeing up the tepung pelita. 

 Price at RM 42.90 (Adult) and RM 30 (Child under 11 years old). More info visit  @CafeD'Istana

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