Monday, December 10, 2018

Hotel Stripes KL Meets Bloomsbury Christmas Dinner

This festive season, Hotel Stripes KL is inviting you to celebrate the Season of Joy where STRIPES MEETS BLOOMSBURY, bringing you a Bloomsbury style Christmas dinner like no other ! The festive dinner will feature all the hearty and comforting British favourites such as Beef Wellington, Sticky Pudding, Fish & Chips and many more throughout the month of December for lunch and dinner.

As for Christmas Eve dinner, there will be a specially crafted four-course menu at Brasserie 25, which you'll get the Prawn Cocktail, Spiced Butternut with Crostini, Traditional Roasted Turkey or Pan Seared Barramundi and lastly completing the meal with the classic Christmas Pudding.

Other than that, there will also be a special menu for you to usher in the New Year. The New Year's Eve dinner menu includes Baked Tunworth with Winter Truffle and Sourdough, Cauliflower and Chestnut Soup, Chicken Pot Pie with Wild Forest Mushroom or Traditional Beef Wellington and Queen's Pudding.

Both the Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve dinner is priced @ RM 180 nett per person. For more info visit their site here here.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Five Amazing Places for New Year Countdown 2018 in KL

If you are planning to head down to Kuala Lumpur to usher in the New Year and catch the breathtaking fireworks with your friends, here are a few hot spots in town that you can check out, or perhaps call in and make a reservation now. You know how busy it can be when it comes to New year's eve parties..

Fireworks in KLCC Park
The annual New Year's Eve Fireworks display, launched from the foot of KLCC park, and is visible from most part of KL. So the KLCC park is exactly right in the middle of where the New Year's Eve festivities and where the fireworks are. The park promises nothing but an incredible evening of celebrations. And plus it's totally free ! All you need is just to be there early to skip the traffic and of course to get a good spot for the fireworks viewing.

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WET Deck @ W Hotel KL
The new W Hotel KL is just 100 meters away from KLCC, aka where the festivities are. You can skip the massive crowd at KLCC park and walk across to WET Deck in W Hotel, where you can have a bird's eye view of the main event with music and DJ's performing throughout the evening. WET Deck is definitely the ultimate place to celebrate if you don't mind splashing the cash on the drinks and food. Also you'll be part of W Hotel history as it will be their very first New Year's Eve party. For more info check out their site here.

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Vertigo @ Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur
 If WET Deck is fully booked ? Then you can opt for Vertigo Bar at Banyan Tree Hotel KL, which is also nearby to KLCC. They offer a birds eye view of the festivities from their stylish bar on Level 59. You and friends can now relax on bar seating while enjoying the stunning views of Kuala Lumpur with all the KLCC fireworks on display from above. Mixologists are on hand to create personalized drinks, while South East Asian inspired tapas and music helps create an unforgettable countdown to the New Year ! For more info check out their site here.

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Merdeka Square (aka Dataran Merdeka)
Located in front of the iconic State Secretariat building is KL best known landmark, the Merdeka Square. Every year, the venue hosts an annual concert with with music, performances and as the clock strikes midnight, you'll get a spectacular fireworks display from the heart of the action. The concert will usually continues until 1am as the live band plays on. The site has been closed for the last 4 years but this year things might just be different with the new government and all.

Desa Park City
Avoid the massive crowds in central KL and secure yourself a great spot in Desa Park City to watch their very own fireworks set off at midnight this New Year's Eve. You'll have an option to dine at one of the restaurants there or simply just chill out at the park to enjoy the fireworks and celebrate the beginning of a brand new year.

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The Curve
If you're looking to see in the New Year in with a splash of fun, The Street at Curve parties are renowned for being an exclusive spot to celebrate. There are numbers of bars, restaurants and cafes along the street with flea markets, live music performing throughout the evening. Plus you get to walk around the mall and do some last minute shopping. It's certainly the ultimate way to celebrate if you prefer a cozy yet fun location.

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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Epilator vs Waxing, Which Is Right For You?

Getting rid of body hair has been part of our routines for a long time. Guys shave their facial hair, and women shave their legs and underarms. Depends on the type of treatment you prefer to employ, it pays to know the most practical methods out there. Although you're probably not new to waxing and shaving, let's up the knowledge game nonetheless. In this article we’ll discuss the use of epilators and waxing. What are their differences? And which one is right for you?

What is an epilator?
You may have heard of the term, but haven’t really tried one. Epilators are electric pluckers, so to speak. It’s a small handheld electric device that is used to pluck out hair at the follicle level. If you’re new to it, you can follow this guide on how to use an epilator. The rotating rollers of the device contains several sets of discs or tweezers. The term epilating refers to the process of removing hair from under the skin. Epilator devices work similar to waxing, but instead of pulling out a wax strip, spinning discs and springs do the job of pulling your hair from the roots, leaving your skin smooth.

Using an epilator can be extremely painful to some people. Similar to waxing, several of your hairs are being yanked out from their roots at the same time. It can be scary and intimidating for first time users, but it doesn’t have to be. This form of automated electric tweezing gets you a long-lasting smooth skin right at the comforts of your home.

We can’t really tell how long the smoothness will last for an epilator session. Some people grow hair much quickly than others and thus would require more frequent sessions. Don’t worry though because eventually, you will notice your hair growing much slower.

There are many types of epilators out there. Some are corded, some are rechargeable, and some use batteries. The market is filled with various kinds of epilators that offer a quick and easy hair removal solution that are also very affordable.

What is hair waxing?
Hair waxing is basically removing hair from the roots using a resin-based waxy product. With this process, the hair follicle is removed at the root level. Because of this sub-surface treatment, hair grows back slower, and you will have less hair over time. This results in smoother skin that could last up to six weeks depends on your body’s growth rate.

There are several ways to perform hair waxing, depending on the body part concerned. There’s the bikini wax for the private areas down there, underarm waxing, arms and leg, back, and so on. Different waxing methods are employed depending on your needs.

There are two kinds of wax used in a treatment, soft and hard. Soft waxing uses paper strips or muslin strips, whereas hard waxing is done without strips. Generally, hard wax is used on the bikini area, underarm, and the face area. On the other hand, soft wax is used on larger areas such as the back or leg area.

So what’s the better option for you?
There are many similarities between waxing and using an epilator. Both of them work by removing hair follicles down to the root level. There’s also some pain factor to be expected from both methods. And because they work by pulling out hair from the roots, they have similar hair regrowth rates and the smoothness can last anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. So given that they may have more similarities than differences, what should you go for?

To be fair, you can do both but you have to consider some factors. First, the price. If you’re going to have to wax regularly, you might want to consider getting an epilator instead. Waxing can be done either at the salon or by yourself using waxing kits. Both require you to purchase over and over. Even though you can come by at the salon just once every month, you still have to go regularly. And once you’re out of waxing supplies, you know you have to repurchase. In this regard, getting an epilator wins. You can invest in just one high quality epilating device and use it for years.

Next thing to consider is your skin’s reaction. Every person reacts differently to hair removal treatments. After epilating, it’s normal to get a bunch of red bumps because it’s the skin’s natural reaction to hair being yanked out. The redness will usually subside in a few hours, and it’s recommended to moisturize after to avoid irritation. Waxing on the other hand serves more than one purpose. Aside from pulling your hair out, it also removes dead skin cells on your skin surface. This leaves you with a smooth and silky skin right after the session. While there may be some irritation depending on how sensitive your skin is, but it doesn’t happen as often with epilation.

Another thing to consider is the effectiveness of the procedure. Both methods have the same goal, to remove unwanted hair. But which method is more effective than the other? Waxing presses down hair flat on the skin before pulling them off, giving a more likelihood that they won’t be pulled completely. Epilating, on the other hand improves this method by pulling hair directly from the root while the hairs are in their natural position. You can also easily go back to the areas where some hair is missed.

Now, how about convenience? Which method is more convenient to use? Time is a big factor in any beauty treatment, and going to waxing salons or preparing your waxing kit already takes precious time. The preparation time needed to get your waxing done already makes it less convenient compared to pushing a button on your epilator. This arguably makes epilating a more convenient choice. Imagine being done removing hair in a matter or minutes, compared to hours spent booking an appointment or heating up your wax.

Those are just some of the few considerations between choosing what’s right for you. The price, skin irritation, effectiveness, and convenience all play a big part in your choice. But ultimately, there’s no denying both methods do the job impressively.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The New Laura Mercier City of Lights Holiday 2018 Collection

Following on from their full revamp which includes a brand new store and logo design, Laura Mercier introduces the City of Lights Holiday collection, featuring limited edition palettes of vivid colors, illuminating textures and the glamour of the holidays in the city imbued in an alluring festive glow housed in rose gold glitter embossing. 

Highlights from the City of Lights collection include a limited edition Master Class Holiday Illuminations Edition Palette set, MYR 495, housing all Laura's iconic shades, finishes and liners to create effortless and endless looks. 

Also the Night Outs Eye Shadow Palette, MYR 260 / SGD 90 consists of 12 highly pigmented hues from light and luminous to deeply dramatic, making it gorgeously versatile palette that takes eyes from neutral day to sultry night. 

Another palette that will certainly catch your eye is none other than the Stardust Radiant Glow Palette, MYR 205 / SGD 80, a face illuminator with an innovative flat baked powder formula that provides an even pick-up of light-reflecting pigments for a multi-dimensional finish designed to complement all skin tones. 

Even if you are not into makeup, the City of Lights holiday collection presents a comprehensive skin to body range, from a set of Luxe Indulgences Hand & Body Creme Collection, MYR 159 / SGD 62 which consists of 4 nourishing hand cremes that leaves your hands velvety soft with the unique essence of Ambre Vanille, Almond Coconut Milk, Creme Brulee and Tarte Au Citron. 

The new Rose range has a set by itself too, Infusion De Rose Nourishing Collection, MYR 495 that includes the nourishing oil, nourishing creme and face polish, for you to get glowing this holiday season. 

Luxe Indulgences Ambre Vanille Luxe Body Collection, MYR 359, a classic body set that everyone adores comes with creme body wash, souffle body creme, eau de toilette, honey bath and a wooden honey dipper too. 

Aside from that, there are few sets perfect for those who are new to the brand or jetsetters that are looking for travel size makeup, such as the Eye Lights Deluxe Mini Eye Collection, MYR 140 / SGD 55 and Lip Lights Deluxe Mini Collection, MYR 140 / SGD 55..

The Laura Mercier City of Lights Holiday 2018 Collection is now available at Laura Mercier store nationwide. For more information visit their site here.

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Thursday, November 22, 2018

MAHCollection Fall/Winter 2018/19 : Venus in the Shell

Fall fashion has so much fun and layering in it. Although the color palette might not be as vibrant as summer trends but the Singapore-based brand, MAHCollection is taking its inspiration from Botticelli's Birth of Venus, bringing a collection that speaks femininity, fluidity and ethereal elegance. 

From diaphanous caftans, ruched dresses and billowing harem trousers, all the designs are to made to be mixed and matched, to create your own personality-filled style that can transition from the beach to the club. Best of all, the entire collection is adjusted to flatter curves and flowing garments depicted in the Roman mythological painting, letting you look fabulous and spectacular throughout the winter months. Scroll down to check out the lookbook of the MAHCollection Fall/Winter 2018/19....

"I then melded elements like the coats of arms found in Portuguese tiles with the linear design of Peranakan tiles seen here, as well as more muted, modern palette, to come up with a brand-motif to embellish the entire collection." says Ondina Montgomery, designer and founder of MAHCollection.

For more info check out their site here.

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